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Fellows Plaza



These grants cover a full range of creative and pioneering research from basic to applied fields across the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.

KAKENHI Database

KAKENHI Database
Contains project-selection documents and the research report summaries.

JSPS Centers

Research Center for Science Systems

Oversees application screening and project assessment, provides recommendations and advice, and conducts survey and studies.

Center for Science Information Analysis (CSIA)

Conducts surveys and studies towards the improvement and advancement of JSPS programs, and comprehensively assessing/analyzing their trends and outcomes.

Center for World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI Program Center)

Assists in smoothly and effectively implementing the WPI Program.

JSPS Overseas Offices

Eleven liaison offices in ten countries.

Center for Constructing Data Infrastructure for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Assists in smoothly and effectively implementing the Program for Constructing Data Infrastructure for the Humanities and Social Sciences.

JSPS Fellowship Programs

Fellowships for Overseas ResearchersEncourage highly qualified researchers from the world to come to and conduct scientific collaboration in Japan.

Science Dialogue

JSPS fellows give lectures on their research work at Japanese high schools.

Email bulletin
Email bulletin JSPS Monthly

Email bulletin "JSPS Monthly"
Japanese version only
Provides information about JSPS events, activities and grant applications.


As part of its measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) adopts, for the time being, a work-from-home policy and keeps the number of employees working at the office to the minimum necessary.

As a result, it becomes difficult to make prompt respond to various inquiries we receive. For information on the procedures for each program, please refer to the website of the said program.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and ask for your patience and understanding during this time.

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Funding Opportunities

For short/long-term visits to do research in Japan International Fellowships for Research in Japan
JSPS RONPAKU (Dissertation Ph.D.) Program
For conducting joint research, seminars, other exchanges with Japanese researchers and/or universities Bilateral Programs
International Joint Research Program
Core-to-Core Program
A3 Foresight Program
Japanese-German Graduate Externship
For participating in international meetings and events by young researchers HOPE Meetings
Young Researcher Support for Attending Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings
FoS symposium
Academic Workshops and Seminars for Young Researchers
Fellowships for graduate students and post-graduate researchers in Japanese universities Research Fellowships for Young Researchers
Main system for funding research in Japan Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI)


For operating researcher networks JSPS Fellows Plaza
JSPS Alumni Association
BRIDGE Fellowship Program
JSPS Researchers Network (JSPS-Net)
JSPS’s international networks Global Research Council (GRC)
Asian Heads of Research Councils (ASIAHORCs)
JSPS awards International Prize for Biology
JSPS Prize
JSPS Ikushi Prize

Online Application

(Japanese Version only)
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JSPS Quarterly

JSPS Quarterly

JSPS Quarterly provides a wide segment of the academic community with information on various programs and events carried out by JSPS.
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Life in Japan

Life in Japan for Foreign Researchers

"Life in Japan for Foreign Researchers" provides useful information on living in Japan for researchers.

Download (PDF:8.3MB)

JSPS Brochure 2021-2022

JSPS brochure provides the overview of JSPS.

Download (PDF:4.95MB)


Window for Receiving Comments/Requests

If you have comments or requests regarding JSPS programs, please choose the item below.

Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI)

JSPS Programs, Excluding the KAKENHI Program

Contact Point for Receiving Allegations

Contact Point for Receiving Allegations

Research Integrity

Research Integrity

For the Sound Development of Science -The Attitude of a Conscientious Scientist-

For  the Sound Development of  Science

Research Integrity e-learning


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