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Nobel Prize Dialogue

   Since 2012, Nobel Media AB(*) has been annually holding Nobel Week Dialogue on December 9, the day before the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in Sweden. It is an open symposium aimed at stimulating discussion between world’s leading researchers and intellectuals, including the Nobel laureates, and the general public.
   In March 2015, Nobel Media AB and JSPS co-organized that event as Nobel Prize Dialogue Tokyo 2015. It was the first time for the Dialogue to be held outside of Sweden.
   This event is held for the following purposes:
(1) To foster public interest in science and technology.
(2) To contribute to the advancement of science and technology.
   For these purposes, we will invite world’s leading scientists, including Nobel laureates, to carry out a dialogue via a format of open lectures and panel discussions with the general public, including students and young researchers.

(*) Nobel Media AB is a Nobel sphere affiliated company. It develops and manages programs and productions and administers Nobel Prize media rights pertaining to digital and broadcast media, publications, and events.

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