Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

What is Science Dialogue?

The program offers JSPS Overseas Fellows the unique opportunities to volunteer to give lectures in English on their research work at Japanese high schools in the vicinity of their host institutes.
The aim of the lectures is to stimulate the young students’ interest in research and deepen their understanding from a global point of view through interacting with Fellows.
As for the Fellows, the participation in the program will be an enjoyable opportunity to communicate with the local community and strengthen their ties with Japan.

System of the Program

The following is a general flow of the program.
1. Applications from high schools to participate in the program.
2. Applications from JSPS Overseas Fellows to volunteer to give lectures (accepted any time).
3. Matching a Fellow with a high school.
4. Preparations for the lecture.
5. Go to the high school and give the lecture.
6. Submission of a report and a questionnaire.

For Who Wants to Participate in the Program

Following buttons are linked to websites for applications to the program.
Before you apply to, please read the “Guideline for Fellows” carefully.

Science Dialogue FY2024 Flyer