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Nobel Prize Dialogue Tokyo 2015

Nobel Prize Dialogue Tokyo 2015

Seven Laureates join global experts to discuss the genetic revolution

On 1 March, 2015, seven distinguished Laureates and a number of world leading thought leaders tackled issues at the interface of science and society at Nobel Prize Dialogue Tokyo.
   Nobel Prize Dialogue Tokyo was the first Nobel Prize Dialogue to be held outside Sweden. It was inspired by Nobel Week Dialogue, which has been taking place in Sweden since 2012 on the day before the Nobel Prize Ceremony.
The day of thought-provoking talks and panel discussions was organized by Nobel Media and The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).
    Approximately 800 guests attended this free event, and live-streaming increased our global audience.
The insights from the discussions continue to be available through online videos.

The Genetic Revolution and Its Future Impact

   Can Genetic modification help feed the world? Will the human body ever be synthetic?
Can modern genetics help prevent extinctions? These are just a few of the questions the day was address.
   The topics for the conference was“The Genetic Revolution and Its Future Impact”.
In recent years, our knowledge of genetics, genomics and their potencial applications has rapidly expanded. How are these developments changing society now and in the future?
   Talks and panel discussions tackled pertinent issues ranging from personalized medicine to human evolution.
Many of these issues were global, and these also be a specific panel about challenges in Asia.
   Throughout the day, participants ask questions, in the venue and online, engaging in a dialogue that continue even after the conference has closed for the day.
   Nobel Prize dialogue Tokyo 2015 was produced by JSPS(The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) and Nobel Media AB .