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Nobel Prize Dialogue Tokyo 2015

Nobel Prize Dialogue Tokyo 2015 Organizing Committee Members

Important facets of program planning and implementation for the Nobel Prize Dialogue are carried out jointly by JSPS and the Dialogue’s co-organizer Nobel Prize Outreach. An organizing committee is established on the JSPS side as an advisory body. It comprises the following members.

Organizing Committee(the kana syllabary order)

Name Title/Affiliation
Chairperson KOBAYASHI Makoto
(2008 Nobel Laureate in Physics)
Director, Research Center for Science Systems, JSPS
Honorary Professor Emeritus,
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)
Member ASASHIMA Makoto Executive Director, JSPS
HANAOKA Fumio Professor, Faculty of Science, Gakushuin University
TAKAHAMA Yosuke Professor, Institute for Genome Research, The University of Tokushima
KATO Hisashi Director, JSPS International Program Department

(As of Nobel Prize Dialogue Tokyo 2015)