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Activities of JSPS Alumni Association in REPUBLIC OF PHILIPPINES

JSPS Alumni Association of Philippines: http://www.jsps-jaap.org/
JSPS Bangkok Office: http://jsps-th.org/

JSPS Alumni Association of Philippines (JAAP) was established as the 14th official JSPS Alumni Association. The DOST-JSPS Society of Philippines Ronpaku Fellows (PRF) was begun in July, 2005 under the Philippines Department of Science and Technology (DOST) support as the forerunner of the new alumni association. PRF had been holding active outreach fora and seminars with DOST support and cooperation. JSPS Bangkok Office suggested PRF move away toward JSPS official Alumni Association to further promote their activities. With the suggestions of JSPS Bangkok Office, PRF recruited other JSPS alumni members and established JAAP finally in April, 2013. After appointment of president, registration to the government, and application to JSPS headquarters, JAAP was approved as an official JSPS Alumni Association in September, 2013.

Activities in FY2020

Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, activities of JSPS alumni associations were severely restricted in FY2020.

  • JAAP National Research Forum, Awarding of Outstanding Filipino JSPS Fellows and General Assembly
    (Webinar, 27 November 2020)
    ①Using Action Research in Evaluating Online Learning Modules (29 August 2020)
    ②Buck to Bucks project (Bulugang Kambing tulong para sa magsasaka) : a PCC-RDD initiated refocused DA-BAR research output (Creating Opportunities through Value Innovations and Development-COVID response
    (26 September 2020)
    ③Macroeconomic Policy Response to Covid-19 in ASEAN-5: What are emerging best practices?
    (31 October 2020)
    ④Infectious Waste Management: How to manage wastes during COVID-19 Pandemic (19 December 2020)
    ①NEW START for the NEW NORMAL (25 January 2021)
    ②COVID-19 Vaccines in the Philippines: What We Should Know (27 February 2021)
    ③Pathways Towards a Stronger Academe-Industry Partnership in Philippine (27 March 2021)
  • JAAP Executive Committee Meetings (12 times in FY2020)
Photos of activities in 2020: Part 1
Photos of activities in 2020: Part 2
Photos of activities in 2020: Part 3
JAAP WEBINAR SERIES 2020 1st Webinar (29 August 2020)
JAAP National Research Forum, Awarding of Outstanding Filipino JSPS Fellows (Webinar, 27 November 2020)
JAAP General Assembly (Webinar, 27 November 2020)