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This FAQ consists of two parts, one written in Japanese and the other in English. If any differences in wording or 
interpretation should occur between the two parts, the Japanese part will take precedence.


Q1:What is the purpose of the Bridge Fellowship Program?

JSPS’s BRIDGE Fellowship Program provides overseas researchers who have received a JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow for Research in Japan or have come to Japan to participate in other JSPS programs an opportunity to revisit Japan for the purpose of creating, sustaining or strengthening cooperative relationships with Japanese colleagues and to build and strengthen networks between researchers in their countries and Japan.

Q2:When was the BRIDGE program established?

It was established in FY 2009 by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) for purpose stated in A1 above.

Eligibility of Fellows

Q1:What kind of researcher is eligible to apply for the program?

Overseas researchers who have come to Japan to participate in JSPS programs and who are regular members of an officially authorized JSPS alumni association may apply for this fellowship. Each alumni association has set its own screening criteria in its Provisions. Please see Provisions for details.

Q2:Which countries have a JSPS alumni association through which I can apply for this fellowship?

Please refer to the following link for a list of eligible alumni associations.

Q3:Can I apply if I am not a member of a JSPS alumni association?

No, you cannot. You cannot apply if your country/region does not have a JSPS alumni association or if the association in your country/region is not officially authorized by JSPS. However, if you are a regular member of an authorized JSPS alumni association in a country other than your own you may apply.

Q4:Can I apply for the fellowship if I do not live in a country that has a JSPS alumni association?

The terms and conditions for applying, including whether or not it is necessary to reside in the country, are decided by each alumni association. Please see the Provisions of the Alumni Associations to check the protocols. You may also ask the alumni association directly or the JSPS overseas office in that country or region. 

Eligibility of Host Researchers

Q1:What are the requirements for the Host Researcher?

In principle, the host researchers who are employed full time or classified as such at one of the Japanese research institutions listed below are eligible to host a BRIDGE Fellow.
  1. Universities and interuniversity research institutes
  2. MEXT-affiliated institutions engaged in research
  3. Colleges of technology
  4. Institutions designated by the Minister of MEXT
* Eligible institutions under (1)-(4) are listed at: https://www-kokusai.jsps.go.jp/jsps1/kikanList.do (Posted only in Japanese)
* Definition of “full-time employment” is according to the regulations of the host institution.
* There are cases when researchers not employed in a full-time position may be eligible. Such persons must be   eligible to apply for Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) and their affiliated institution must judge them able to implement the project and must provide an appropriate research environment (e.g., laboratory, equipment, personnel) for it.

Q2:May my BRIDGE Host Researcher be a researcher who was not my previous host researcher?

Yes. There is no requirement for your host researcher to be the same host researcher who hosted you when you came to Japan to participate in a JSPS program

Q3:I plan to carry out research activities at multiple universities (institutions), may I have two host researchers?

No, you may not. During your visit, one host researcher will be responsible for preparing a system to support your research activities and your daily life in Japan. During your tenure, however, you may carry out research activities at other research institutions under your host researchers’ supervision.


Q1:How do I go about applying for a BRIDGE Fellowship?

The applicant (past JSPS fellow) must compile the documents prescribed by his/her JSPS alumni association and submit them to the alumni association. At the same time, the applicant is require to submit the “Agreement by Host Researchers.” (Note: JSPS’s Tokyo Headquarters cannot receive documents sent by applicants directly.)

Q2:When is the deadline for applying?

Each alumni association sets its own deadline. For details, please contact your alumni associations or a JSPS overseas office in your country or region. Click here for their contact information.

Q3:What things are needed to be discussed before applying?

As the purpose of this program is to strengthen networks between Japanese and overseas researchers, applicants (past JSPS fellows) should discuss the kind of activities they’re considering for building and strengthening research networks with their hosts in advance.

Q4:Can I receive another fellowship or grant at the same as I carry out the BRIDGE Fellowship?

You may not overlap your BRIDGE Fellowship with another fellowship or research grant. However, if the period of your BRIDGE tenure does not coincide with the other fellowship or grant, you may use them in tandem with this fellowship. If the time periods do overlap, you will need to either withdraw from the BRIDGE Fellowship or the other fellowship/grant.

Q5:When will I know whether or not I’ve been selected?

After receipt of written reply of acceptance from your host, prescribed application procedure will follow if acceptable. The selection decision is scheduled to be made around the middle of April.

Q6:Can I change my date for arriving in Japan from that stated in my application?

You may if it’s within the same Japanese fiscal year. You are not bound to your originally scheduled date. If the length of your stay in Japan is within the number of days stated in your Award Letter, you may discuss a change with your host institution if it’s for such purposes as coordinating your BRIDGE activities with your host institution.

Number of Awardee

Q1:Approximately how many BRIDGE fellows will be selected?

Please refer to the following link for the number of past selections for reference.

Term of Fellowship

Q1:How long is the BRIDGE program tenure?

A period from 14 to 30 consecutive days. It cannot be less than 14 days or exceed 30 days.

Q2:Can period of stay be divided?

No, it may not. It is necessary to stay continuously in Japan during your tenure. However, if requested at the time of your application, a leave of absence from Japan may be approve for research-related purposes.

Q3:May I take a temporary leave of absence during my tenure?

It is possible for unavoidable reasons. In this case, submit in advance the Form 5, “Application for Schedule Change.” However, you may not take the leave if it will reduce your total tenure to less than 14 days.

Q4:Can I extend my tenure?

You may not extend your tenure beyond the number of days stated in your Award Letter.

Q5:Can I shorten my tenure?

It is possible to shorten your tenure. Submit in advance the Form 5, “Application for Schedule Change” .However, if the shortening of your tenure will reduce your stay in Japan to less than 14 days, it will not be approved. Also, please be noted that once you’ve shorten your tenure it cannot be extended nor returned to the initial period.

Q6:What happens to my maintenance allowance if I should shorten my tenure or take a temporary absence?

In these cases, your maintenance allowance would be reduced by an equivalent number of days, and you would be obligated to refund that portion of your allowance to JSPS while you are still in Japan.

Q7:Can I remain in Japan after my tenure has ended?

As a rule, you cannot increase the number of days of your stay in Japan beyond that stated in your Award Letter. However, if the purpose of your extended stay is to continue your research or for a similar reason, it can approved. JSPS will not be able to pay you any expenses or take any other financial responsibility for you during the extended period. If you desire to extend your stay in Japan under these conditions, submit a Form5, “Application for Schedule Change.

Q8:Do I need to end my BRIDGE fellowship tenure within the Japanese fiscal year?

Your fellowship must start during the fiscal year but it may end in the next fiscal year.

Financial Provisions

Q1:Please tell me about the financial provisions I will receive under the fellowship?

JSPS supports BRIDGE fellows with a maintenance allowance and a roundtrip ticket to Japan. We also cover fellows with overseas travel insurance which covers medical cost for injury and sickness during their stays in Japan.

Q2:If I am accompanied by family members, will JSPS support them financially?

No. JSPS does not support for dependents.

Q3:How can fellows receive their allowances if they do not have a bank account in Japan?

In that case, you can choose to have your allowances deposited in your host researcher’s account. Using Form 2, “Notice of Bank Account,” please inform JSPS of the way you want to receive your allowances.


Q1:What sort of procedures does my host researcher need to do for my acceptance?

Your host will need to explain the fellowship’s various procedures to you, and assist you with them throughout each stage of your fellowship: from preparing for your visit to Japan, conducting your activities in Japan, to submitting your post-visit report. For details, please refer to the PROGRAM GUIDELINES.

Q2:What should I do about lodging during my stay in Japan?

In many cases, your host will arrange for you to stay in the university’s guest house. However, if you are accompanied by family members, you will need to rent a weekly or regular apartment or secure other such accommodations. Please note that JSPS’s regulations do not allow us to pay for lodging beyond the amount of the maintenance allowance or to act as a guarantor for apartment rental.

Q3:How are the arrangements made for obtaining a visa?

Before leaving for Japan, please check with a Japanese embassy or consulate as to whether or not you will need a visa. If a visa is required, you will need to take responsibility for carry out the process for receiving one. JSPS is not in a position to answer inquiries or make an arrangement regarding visa applications for Fellows and family members.

Q4:Will the post-visit report I submit be publically released outside of JSPS?

When deemed appropriate, yours and your Host’s names, your research plan and your results contained in the report may be released.

Overseas Travel Insurance (while in Japan)

Q1:What procedures are needed for a sign up of the overseas travel insurance?

There is no need for a sign up. When filling a claim, Fellows should consult the designated insurance agency directly.


Q1:What procedures are needed for my air ticket to Japan?

The Fellows will receive the document “Air Ticket Application Information” along with your Award Letter. Referring to it, Fellows will need to personally apply for the issuing of your ticket at the designated travel agency online. If Fellows purchase their own tickets by themselves, JSPS will not provide tickets nor reimburse.

Q2:Can I obtain an air ticket for an accompanying family member along with my own?

No. No matter what the reason, JSPS cannot pay for an air ticket to Japan outside the JSPS’s regulations stipulated in its travel regulations. So, if purchased by themselves, JSPS cannot pay the airfare.

Q3:I want to visit another institution in Japan before going to my host institution.

As a rule, the air ticket is supposed to be use between the airports closest to your home institution and your host institution in Japan. However, if visiting the other institution first in contained in your itinerary, there are cases when you may be permitted to use another airport in Japan. If you wish to do so, please confirm JSPS in advance.


Q1:How do I contact JSPS?

Our contact information is as follows:
Tel: +81-3-3263-1869, Fax: +81-3-3263-1854, Email: bridge*jsps.go.jp
Note: the @ (at sign) of e-mail address above is converted to *