Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

JSPS Alumni Association Malaysia

JSPS Alumni Association Malaysia (JAAM) was approved in September 2019 as the 20th official JSPS Alumni Association.
By now, the KUFS-USM Japan Science Center in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and the JSPS Bangkok Office have led guidance seminars to introduce JSPS's international programs and meetings to establish an alumni association.
At the annual meeting of the Vice-Chancellors' Council of National Universities in Malaysia (VCC) which held at the Ministry of Higher Education in Kuala Lumpur in February 2018, the establishment of the JSPS Alumni Association Malaysia was on the agenda and was unanimously approved and Preparatory Committee Secretariat was commissioned to USM In March 2019, the first general assembly of the JSPS Malaysia Alumni Association was held at the USM to approve to establish JSPS Alumni Association Malaysia (JAAM).
In the future, it is expected to enhance its presence as an academic network in Malaysia.


JSPS Alumni Association Malaysia: 
JSPS Bangkok Office: http://jsps-th.org/