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Activities of JSPS Alumni Association in EGYPT

JSPS Alumni Association in Egypt(JSPSAAE): http://jspscairo.com/en/alumni/

JSPS Research Station, Cairo: http://jspscairo.com/en/

The JSPS Alumni Association in Egypt (or “JSPSAAE” for short) was founded in Egypt in 2008 by a circle of former fellows who had been supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), and currently has around 80
members. We have a general assembly for all members once a year when the science forum is held.

Activities in FY2020

Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, activities of JSPS alumni associations were severely restricted in FY2020.

[Holding International Conference/webinar on line]
  • “The 2nd International JSPS Webinars: Preparedness for the next COVID-19 Wave Multidisciplinary Impacts: Health, Education and Environment” (13 February 2021)
  • “Covid 19 crisis and the sustainable development goals :Rule of the science & Health challenges”
    (9-13 August 2020)
  • “SCIENTISTS FOR SCIENCE DIPLOMACY INITIATIVE” Present: “The 1st International SCIENCE DIPLOMACY Awareness Workshop” (20-22 March 2021)

[Co-hosted International Conference face to face]
  • International Conference: Biodiversity and sustainable production in farm animals- Shebin Elkom Egypt
    (15-17 December 2020)
  • Urban Regeneration for Historic Cairo: Workshop on management, Public-Private partnering, economy revitalization, and cultural authentication (28 March - 1 April 2021)

[Introducing JSPS program organized by ALUMNI members]
  • At each of the above meetings, time was set aside to explain the JSPS programme.

[Other ALMNI Activities]
  • Board Meetings at JSPS Research Station, Cairo (15, October 2020)
  • Board Meetings on line (9 January 2021)
  • Publishing HORUS No.9 (March 2021)
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Photos of activities in 2019: Part 3
The 2nd International JSPS Webinars, 3 February 2021
Urban Regeneration for Historic Cairo: Workshop, 28 March 2021
Cover page of HORUS No.9