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Activities of JSPS Alumni Association in BANGLADESH

Bangladesh JSPS Alumni Association: 

JSPS Bangkok office: http://jsps-th.org/

Bangladesh JSPS Alumni Association (BJSPSAA) is an association of scholarly researchers and professionals of our society.
The aims of the BJSPSAA are to promote scientific exchange, research and cultural collaboration between Bangladesh and Japan and to encourage establishing collaborative networks between JSPS alumni members with Japanese scholars through organizing scientific meeting and symposia.

Activities in FY2020

Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, activities of JSPS alumni associations were severely restricted in FY2020.

  • Guidance Seminar on the JSPS Program (Webinar, 6 February 2021)
  • The12th International Seminar (Webinar, 13 March 2021)
  • BJSPSAA General Assembly (Webinar, 13 March 2021)
  • BJSPSAA Executive Committee Meetings (4 times in FY2020)
Photos of activities in 2020: Part 1
Photos of activities in 2020: Part 2
The 12th International Seminar (Webinar, 13 March 2021)