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Activities of JSPS Alumni Association in AUSTRALIA

The Australia JSPS Alumni Association (or “JSPSAAA” for short) was founded in Australia in 2017 by former fellows supported by the Australian Academy of Science and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) as the 18th authorized JSPS alumni association in the world.

Activities in FY2019

  • On 7 November, the JSPS Alumni Association in Australia (JSPSAAA) held its third annual Science Symposium at the University of Canberra in Canberra. The Science Symposium began with welcoming remarks by Minister Tokuro Furuya of the Embassy of Japan, Ms Mihoko Toyoshima (International Policy Planning Division, JSPS, Japan) and Professor Lawrence Pratchett (Pro Vice-Chancellor/Associate Vice President Students, Partnerships and International University of Canberra).
  • Plenary talks were delivered Professor John Carver (Australian National University), and the JSPSAAA’s first JSPS Bridge Fellow, Professor Phil Cummins (Australian National University).
  • Following the keynote addresses, the participants were treated to a range of talks early and mid-careers JSPS alumni on exciting topics ranging from the phosphorous strategies of tropical plants, to technological advances and innovation in chemistry and medicine. The talks highlighted the diversity of the JSPSAAA membership and how international collaborations inspire and enhance the research process.
  • JSPSAAA’s annual general meeting was held in conjunction with the symposium. The AGM endorsed JSPSAAA activity and direction, and ratified a recommendation to increase the number of state/territory representatives on the Executive Committee to 8.
  • In 2020, the JSPSAAA seeks to become more outwardly focused on engagement with its members through regional meetings and social media, and the publishing of its own quarterly newsletter.
  • The JSPSAAA also seeks to improve its relations with other JSPS Alumni Associations and learn from their history to improve its own activities.
Photos of activities in 2019: Part 1
Photos of activities in 2019: Part 2
Photos of activities in 2019: Part 3
Group photo at the 3rd annual meeting
President of JSPS AAA, Dr Graeme Allinson
Participants listening to the lecture given at the meeting