Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Program Outline

The eighth round of Open Research Area (ORA 8) for the Social Sciences has been launched.
All relevant documents for ORA 8 are available on
the DFG website. Please refer to the Call Specification under Documents for the details of ORA 8.

Program Outline

In cooperation with ANR, DFG, ESRC and SSHRC, this program provides funding for international joint research carried out between excellent researchers in Japan and cooperation partners in 4 European countries. The purpose of this program is to strengthen collaboration while achieving a high level of synergy in research conducted in the fields of social sciences.

Eligibility of Japanese Applicants

Applicants must be researchers affiliated with a university or research institute in Japan, and they must be eligible to apply for a Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI). As the Principal Investigator (PI) is overall responsible for and plays a vital role in carrying out the project plan, care should be taken not to appoint a person to the position who might loss his/her PI eligibility or otherwise be unable to perform the PI’s duties during the full period of the project’s implementation.

Targeted Research Fields

Social sciences

Project Period

2-3 years

Funding from JSPS to PIs on Japanese Side

Up to JPY 10,000,000 per fiscal year / Up to JPY 30,000,000 for whole project period
For more details on the past ORA Program, please refer to this page.