Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Program Outline

For details for US researchers who apply to NSF, please visit NSF website.
In cooperation with NSF, this program provides funding for international joint research carried between excellent researchers in Japanese universities and institutes and their US counterparts. The program implements joint research projects on issues difficult to solve by one country alone. In carrying out the joint projects, a synergistic effect is sought by such means as sharing resources and research facilities.

Eligibility of Japanese Applicants

Applicants must hold a full‐time or equivalent position as a researcher at a university or research institute in Japan. However, there are cases when a researcher not employed in a full time position may be eligible. Such persons must be eligible to apply for a Grants‐in‐Aid for Scientific Research ‐ KAKENHI and his/her affiliated institution must judge them able to implement the project and to provide an appropriate research environment (e.g., laboratory, equipment, personnel) for it.

Targeted Research Fields

Humanities, social sciences and natural sciences (all research areas which are supported by JSPS and NSF)

Project Period

5 years

Funding from JSPS to PIs on Japanese Side

Up to JPY 10,000,000 /year
*As for the conditions on NSF side, please refer to NSF’s application guidelines:

For further details, Click here (NSF)

Number of Projects Slated to Start in FY2017

1-4 projects