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June 24 - June 27, 2022

(This symposium, which was initially scheduled on November 2020, has been postponed due to concern about COVID-19.)



Kyoto Brighton Hotel (Kyoto, Japan)


Session Topics:


Food and Society

Radical Innovation of Materials Using Light Energy

Extreme Rainfall Events: Occurrence and Impacts

Numerical Identity

Misperception and Disinformation


Program (PDF)




Report on the 10th JFFoS by PGM Co-Chair Dr. Hidaka(PDF)


Questionnaire Results(PDF)


List of Participants:

   PGM: Planning Group Member
Biology/Life Sciences - Food and Society
PGM UEDA R. Hiroki The University of Tokyo
PGM Yann GUÉRARDEL UGSF, UMR CNRS 8576, Université de Lille, France/iGCORE, Gifu University, Japan
Introductory Speaker SHIMA Ai The University of Tokyo
Speaker HATORI Megumi Nagoya University
Speaker Rémi  MOUNIER University Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Chemistry/Materials Science/Physics
- Radical Innovation of Materials Using Light Energy
PGM TOYOTA Taro The University of Tokyo
PGM(Co-Chair) Michel SLIWA CNRS, Lille University
Introductory Speaker Frédéric SAUVAGE The Laboratory of Reactivity and Chemistry of Solids (LRCS)
Speaker MIYAUCHI Yuhei Kyoto University
Speaker Clémence ALLAIN Laboratoire PPSM CNRS/ENS Paris-Saclay
Earth Science/Environment/Astrophysics
- Extreme Rainfall Events: Occurrence and Impacts
PGM Olivier EVRARD LSCE, University Paris-Saclay
Introductory Speaker Oldrich NAVRATIL University of Lyon Lumière, CNRS
Speaker YAMAZAKI Dai The University of Tokyo
Speaker Laurie BOITHIAS GET, University of Toulouse CNRS, IRD, UPS
Mathematics/Informatics - Numerical Identity
PGM(Co-Chair) HIDAKA Shohei Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
PGM Vincent NOZICK University Gustave Eiffel
Introductory Speaker Gilles TREDAN LAAS-CNRS
Speaker SASAHARA Kazutoshi Tokyo Institute of Technology
Speaker Walter RUDAMETKIN University of Lille – Inria – CRIStAL
Social Sciences/Humanities - Misperception and Disinformation
PGM OKI Sayaka The University of Tokyo
PGM Anna POTOCKI Laboratory for Research on Contextual Learning
Grenoble Alpes University
Introductory Speaker SHINEHA Ryuma Osaka University
Speaker SUZUKI Ayaka University of Tsukuba
Speaker Hugo MERCIER  CNRS, Institut Jean Nicod
General Participants (Japan)
AOKI Kazuhiro National Institutes of Natural Sciences
ARAI Satoko The University of Tokyo
FUJITA Daishi Kyoto University
NANKO Kazuki Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute
TAKAYANAGI Hideko Tohoku University
IMAIZUMI Masaaki The University of Tokyo
SOEDA Akihito National Institute of Informatics
MIKAMI Koichi Keio University
General Participants (France)
Amandine CORNILLE CNRS, University Paris Saclay
Aline NONAT University of Strasbourg, CNRS, IPHC UMR 7178, France
Lionel GUIDI Laboratoire d’Océanographie de Villefranche sur Mer
Amaury POULY CNRS and Oxford University
Franck AMADIEU Laboratoire CLLE Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail
Adrienne SALA The French Research Institute on Japan/The University of Tokyo