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International Program Department,
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JSPS FoS Symposium Advisory Board in FY2022
  Name Title/Affiliation
Chairperson IRIKI Atsushi Team Leader,
Vice Chairperson TAJIMA Setsuko Professor Emeritus,
Osaka University
  ABE-OUCHI Ayako Professor,
the University of Tokyo
OOI Takashi Professor,
Nagoya University
KATO Koichi Professor,
National Institutes of Natural Sciences
SATO Yoshimichi Dean, Kyoto University of Advanced Science /
Professor, Tohoku University
SHIMODAIRA Hidetoshi Professor,
Kyoto University
MAKINO Kazuhisa Professor,
Kyoto University
MISAWA Hiroaki Professor,
Hokkaido University
WADA Takehiko Professor,
Tohoku University