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Postdoctoral Fellowships for Foreign Researchers


FY2023 Application Guideline

FY2023 Review Section Table

FY2023 Review Section Set(Standard)

FY2023 Review Section Set(Short-term)


【Applicant (Host researcher)】
Please submit (send) the application form using (through) the electronic application system by the deadline designated by the host institution (depending on the institution, it may have its own deadline more than one month before the application deadline set by JSPS).


【Host institution】
The institution’s application is to be sent (transmitted) to the president of JSPS by the application deadline for each program. Before sending the application, it should be verified that it has been approved by the head of the institution and that the below-stated requirements* will be carried out if the application is approved. When submitting the application, first check the “List of Applications” on the JSPS Electronic Application System to verify that the registered information is correct.


JSPS Electronic Application System

Applications must be submitted to JSPS by a host researcher in Japan via the head of his/her university or institution.
The system will be available approximately two months before the application periods set by JSPS.

JSPS Electronic Application System (In Japanese):

Instructions for the application forms and selection processes

   Standard Short-term
Instructions for the application forms
Selection processes Selection process Selection process

Application forms for FY2023

Download application files for JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research in Japan FY2023. See "Instructions for the application forms" from the bottom of this webpage.

Form Standard Short-term
FORM1 Application form to be filled out on the JSPS Electronic Application System by the host researcher

(Captured image)

(Captured image)
Format for Preparation
(Excerpt from JSPS Electronic Application System)
FORM2 Application form to be filled out by the foreign candidate
Letter of Recommendation Letter of Recommendation to be filled out by the recommender of the foreign candidate
Written in English or in Japanese