Information for Fellows

Role of RONPAKU Home Advisor

• Role of Home Advisor after Program Starts


Approve the period of RONPAKU fellow’s Japan visits

The Home Advisor is asked to confirm the RONPAKU fellow’s visit schedule to Japan in advance. This is to facilitate consultation between the fellow and his/her Japanese advisor on visit scheduling for the following academic year.


Approve Japanese advisor’s visit to RONPAKU fellow’s home country

The Home Advisor is asked to consult with the RONPAKU fellow about his/her Japanese advisor’s visit schedule and the fellow’s research plan in advance. When the Japanese advisor needs to use facilities at the RONPAKU fellow’s home institution, the Home Advisor is asked to assist in making the necessary arrangements.



  • Home Advisors should monitor the progress made by the RONPAKU fellow in implementing his/her research plan, and offer advice as appropriate.  They may contact the fellow’s Japanese advisor.
  • Home Advisors are asked to cooperate with the fellow’s Japanese advisor when so requested.
  • In any case, JSPS does not directly contact or make requests of Home Advisors, who are asked to maintain close communication with the RONPAKU fellows.