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Application Guidelines and forms for the FY2022 JSPS RONPAKU Program can be downloaded from this page.

※「August, 17, 2021 FY2022 Application guidelines for JSPS RONPAKU (Dissertation PhD) Program was updated.
The URL for uploading on page 3 (3) was updated.」

Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines for the FY2022 file-downroad_pdf
FY2022 Review Section Table file-downroad_pdf
FY2022 Review Section Set for JSPS Ronpaku program file-downroad_pdf

Application Forms

Form No. Form Name Person who prepares the Form Download
Form 1 Application Form 1(Pages 4~7) Prospective Japanese Advisor file-downroad_word(win)file-downroad_pdf
Form 2 Application Form 2 RONPAKU candidate file-downroad_word(win)file-downroad_pdf
Form 3 Letter of
RONPAKU candidate's home advisor and the president of his/her affiliated university/research institution file-downroad_word(win)file-downroad_pdf

Please consult with JSPS if you have a question about the application forms.