Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

JSPS Summer Program FY2024

For Fellows

JSPS provides "JSPS Summer Program /Program Guidelines FY2024" to all selected fellows. They describe both the benefits and services received and the procedures and responsibilities that fellows are expected to observe during their tenures. All fellows are requested to read the Guidelines carefully before they start procedure.


These procedures are to be carried out based on mutual understanding among the Fellow, Host, and Host Institution. A list of the forms to be submitted via the Institution to JSPS.
Submission Deadline Form No. Download(PDF) Download(Word) Name of Form
Friday, April 26 A Notice of Acceptance and Pledge
Friday, April 26 WEB
Friday, April 26 1 Notice of Bank Account
Friday, April 26 2
Application for Research Support Allowance
Friday, July 19
Nominating Authority(Washington, London, CNRS, DAAD, STINT)
Friday, July 19
Nominating Authority(CE/Mitacs)
Friday, August 23 4 Research Report & Future Contact Information

*should be submitted to jspssummer0428@or.knt.co.jp by MS-Word or PDF format. Please include your ID number in the title of your e-mail (Ex: Report from SP24xxx)
Friday, August 30 WEB
Friday, September 27 5 Research Support Allowance Expenditure Report
As soon as possible 6 Application for Schedule Change
As soon as possible 7 Application for the change of Host Researcher/Host Institution
As soon as possible 8 Notice of Refusal to accept Fellowship



SOKENDAI (Orientation and Research Report Presentation)

Travel Agent

Insurance Company