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Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)

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Science Dialogue Program

For JSPS Fellows

When applying to participate

Fill out the Application Form for JSPS Science Dialogue Program, and email it to JSPS. JSPS accepts it through the year.

attentionBefore applying, please consult with the host researcher and read closely the program guideline.

Documents Download
Guidelines for Implementing the JSPS Science Dialogue Program for Fellows ( English )  PDFダウンロード
Guidelines for Implementing the JSPS Science Dialogue Program for Fellows ( Japanese )  PDFダウンロード
Application Form wordダウンロード PDFダウンロード

Upon application acceptance

1. JSPS gives the teacher the Fellow's contact information. Planning for the lecture session is carried out directly with the faculty.

* Tips for Success *

  • Using a lot of figures, photos, and Japanese key words in your materials and slides will help to improve the students’ understanding of your lecture. Utilizing experiments, specimens, models or other observational devices will help perk the students’curiosity.
  • If you are accompanied by your colleague, it is good to discuss the content of the lecture and its procedure with him/her beforehand, as well as with the teacher of the school.
  • In giving your lecture, many past fellows advise you to use easy words and short sentences, and the most important thing is to speak SLOWLY.




Slide Example A (Dr. Elena VALVERDE-MURILLO, Fukui Prefectural Fujishima Senior High School, June 9th, 2016)
Slide Example B (Dr. Ramesh Chandra SAMANTA, Toyama Prefectural Toyama High School, June 15th, 2016)
Slide Example C (Dr. Claudia Sofia LEITE VICENTE, Aichi Prefectural Kariya High School, July 6th, 2016)

2.  Regarding expenses

JSPS will cover the following expenses with its regulations.

  • Transportation costs for fellow and his/her accompanying host or colleague.
  • Cost related to delivering lecture (e.g., consumables, printing, up to ¥50,000).

After the lecture is completed

After the lecture is completed, please fill out the activity report and the questionnaire and submit them to JSPS within 10 days after the lecture.
For your information, we will present the Fellow and the accompanying person with a certificate of appreciation.

* As these materials will be posted on JSPS’s website or publications, please be careful to properly annotate any copyrighted materials.

* Dear host researchers or Japanese colleagues: Please assist the Fellow in submission of forms in case.

For FY2018
Forms Download Way of Submission  Who Should Submit Deadline
B-1 Notice of Bank Account wordダウンロード PDFダウンロード E-mail Accompanying
Before the lecture
B-2 Activity Report wordダウンロード PDFダウンロード E-mail
(Must be
Fellow Fellow
B-3 Questionnaire wordダウンロード PDFダウンロード
Lecture Presentation - E-mail
Distributed materials -

*If Fellows purchased lecture materials, please submit following forms as well.

B-4 Reimbursement Request for
Purchasing Consumble Supplies
wordダウンロード PDFダウンロード By post
Fellow Within
10 days
After the
B-5 List of Expenses
B-6 Receipts

For participants who wish to get a certificate of participation, please contact us.