Japan Society for the Promotion of Science


  1. Steering committee is established within JSPS to coordinate the Center’s program implementation and staffing.
  2. Senior Program Officers Meetings are held to deliberate JSPS policy and coordinate issues that overlap the Center’s program groups.
  3. Program Group Meetings are held to exchange views on researchers’ needs in tune with the special characteristics of each of the nine research fields.
  4. Two working groups have been established within the Center : one for the Grants-in-Aid program and the other for the Young Scientists Fellowship program.
  5. The Center operates independently of but parallel with JSPS’s Administraion, International Program and Research Program Departments.
Organization chart
As of April 1st, 2024

Program Directors

Program Officers


Steering Committee :
Steering Committee : A steering committee, comprising external experts, meets periodically to deliberate important matters regarding the Center’s operation, including the selection of program officers.

Senior Program Officer's Meetings :
Based on the views and information shared at these meeting, the Center’s senior program officers hold bimonthly deliberations, called senior program officer's meetings. The results of these deliberations are reflected in JSPS’s programs, along with the outcomes of surveys and studies conducted by the Center’s research staff.

Program Group Meetings :
Each of the Center's program groups holds a meeting around once a month for the purpose of reflecting researcher needs and specialized perspectives in the implementation of JSPS's operations. At the meetings, researcher needs and other issues are discussed based on the unique characteristics of each research field.