Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Selection results

Calls will no longer be issued under this program.


Type A: Top Type

No. Name of University Name of Plan Initiative
1 Hokkaido Universal Campus Initiative
- Collaborate with the World -
2 Tohoku University Global Initiative
3 Transforming Higher Education for a Brighter Future through Transborder University Initiatives
4 Constructing a Global Campus Model at UTokyo
5 -Health for All- TMDU initiative in creating next generation professionals for global health promotion
6 Enhancing Tokyo Tech Education and Research Quality through Administrative Reforms for Internationalization
7 Asian Hub University contributing to a sustainable society in the 21st century
8 Japan Gateway: Kyoto University Top Global Program
9 Global University "World Tekijuku"
10 Hiroshima University Global Campus Expansion and Innovation Initiative
11 Strategic Hub Area for top-global Research and Education, Kyushu University (SHARE-Q)
12 Enhancing Sustainability of Global Society through Jitsugaku (Science)
13 Waseda Goes Global: A Plan to Build a Worldwide Academic Network that is Open, Dynamic and Diverse

Type B: Global Traction Type

No. Name of University Name of Plan Initiative
1 Chiba University : inspiring leaders with a global perspective
2 TUFS CONNECTS resources worldwide
3 Geidai Power Creation Initiative: Only One Global Strategy
4 The Education Program for Innovative Global Engineers ~Toward development of an integrated global campus with collaboration between industry, academia, and government~
5 Developing Human Resources to Lead the Global Society and Establishing the Kanazawa University Brand by Thorough Internationalization
6 Creative Campus for Nurturing Global Technology Architects
7 OPEN-TECH INNOVATION: An Initiative for Global, Social, and Regional Collaboration
8 NAIST Global3 : cultivating Global leaders through Global standard graduate education on a Global campus
9 PRIME program : producing practical-oriented human resources in a global community
10 A Leading University Cultivating Global Leaders from Kumamoto
11 Japan’s World-Class Liberal Arts University
12 Fostering Global ICT Innovators through the Combined Effects of Spirit, Technology, and Adaptability
13 Creating Responsible Global Citizens through a Global Liberal Arts Education
14 Design and Implementation of a Human Resource Development Model for Engineering and Sciences focusing on Value Co-Creative Education - Contribution to Global Sustainability
15 Creating a global campuswith multiple hub functions and supportive governance
16 TOYO GLOBAL DIAMONDS: Becoming an Asian hub university for global leaders
17 Creating the Global University: Toward a sustainable society from pioneering Japan
18 Going Global Meiji 8000!-Developing Students with a Frontier Spirit for the Future, by Encouraging Students' Proactive Learning -
19 Global Liberal Arts Education x Leadership Education x Self-Transformation - The Evolution of Rikkyo as a World-Class University -
20 Global Initiative for Humanistic Education: Fostering Global Citizens for Building Peace and Sustainable Prosperity
21 Establishing a New Global Standard from Asia
22 Bridging the World and Asia Human development to collaborate across cultures and contribute globally to Asian communities
23 Establishing the Global Academic Port, an international hub for academic exchange
24 Global Learning: Towards New Horizons in University Education