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R024 Committee on Electromagnetic-Wave-Excited Reaction Field

Aims and Goals

As long as the social demand to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in the chemical industry is gradually increased, chemical processes driven by electromagnetic wave energy such as microwaves and high frequency electromagnetic waves are a candidate to realize the goals by attaining the environmental-friendly chemical industry. R024 Electromagnetic-Wave-Excited Reaction Field committee aims to strengthen the industry-academia collaborative activities to promote microwave-energy-application technology and improve its competitiveness as a new industry. To achieve this aim, we work on the following three activities: (1) Supporting implementation of microwave technologies, (2) Strengthening the designing flexibility of microwave-induced chemical reaction systems, (3) Promoting interactive exchange of the related technologies and information among the members.

Research Themes

R024 Electromagnetic-Wave-Excited Reaction Field committee installs a platform to promote the matching opportunities between academic seeds and industry needs, and between equipment manufacturers and customers, to accelerate the implementation of microwave technology. The members introduce information on the most recent technology and future scopes each other and discuss on these for the social implementation. Specifically, this committee assist forming the consortium for the selected members in the case of the profitable matching. This committee also promote publicity activities to discover new needs for microwave application technology and acquire new users, leading to the formation of the new markets.
Academia committee members supply the information on the systematic understandings of microwave technology to the whole committee to share it among the members. This committee invite members from a wide range of fields, such as physics / mathematical science and measurement engineering, to broaden the scope of this technology. The industry members gain a foothold for the social implementation of microwave energy application technologies.


April 2020 to March 2025

Membership Composition (As of Apr.2020)

Academia: 34  Industry: 18  Total membership: 52

Committee Chairperson

Yuji Wada
Professor Emeritus
Tokyo Institute of Technology

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