Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Past JSPS Ikushi Prize recipients

*Please note that the following affiliations of the award recipients are of those they were awarded.
  FY The number of recipients Lists of recipients (PDF) Dates of the award ceremony
14th FY2023 18 February, 2023
13th FY2022 18 March, 2023
12th FY2021 18 Not held
11th FY2020 18 Not held
10th FY2019 18 Not held
9th FY2018 18 8-Mar-19
8th FY2017 18 6-Mar-18
7th FY2016 17 8-Mar-17
6th FY2015 18 2-Mar-16
5th FY2014 18 4-Mar-15
4th FY2013 18 24-Feb-14
3rd FY2012 16 4-Mar-13
2nd FY2011 17 1-Mar-12
1st FY2010 17 1-Feb-11