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University-Industry Research Cooperation Societally Applied Scientific Linkage and Collaboration

University-Industry Cooperative Research Committees

Committee No. Subject Chair Title Institution Established
19th Committee Steelmaking Toshihiro Tanaka Professor Osaka University Oct 1934
24th Committee Foundry Technology Shoji Kiguchi Professor Emeritus Kindai University Nov 1936
36th Committee Industrial Instrumentation Koichiro Deguchi Professor Emeritus Tohoku University Jun 1947
54th Committee Ironmaking Kazuya Kunitomo Professor Kyushu University Apr 1943
69th Committee Materials Processing and Applications Hiroyuki Fukuyama Deputy Director/Professor Tohoku University Apr 1944
76th Committee Construction Materials Hiroyuki Sango Professor Nihon University Oct 1944
108th Committee Business Administration Norio Kambayashi Professor Kobe University Apr 1947
111th Committee Development on the Utilization of Minerals Hirohisa Yamada Senior Special Mission Scientist National Institute for Materials Science Jul 1947
116th Committee Chemistry Creating Organic Compounds with Novel Functions Takashi Kato Professor The University of Tokyo Mar 1948
117th Committee Carbon Materials Masayuki Kawaguchi Director/Professor Osaka Electro-Communication University Mar 1948
118th Committee Industrial Structure: Small and Medium Business Hiroyuki Okamuro Professor Hitotsubashi University Mar 1948
120th Committee Processing for Functionality of Fibers and Polymers Akihiko Ouchi Professor Nihon University Sep 1948
123rd Committee Heat Resisting Materials and Alloys Masao Takeyama Professor Tokyo Institute of Technology Apr 1957
124th Committee Advanced Ceramics Toyohiko Yano Director/Professor Tokyo Institute of Technology Feb 1958
125th Committee Conversion between Light and Electricity Yoichiro Nakanishi Professor Emeritus/Visiting Professor Shizuoka University Feb 1958
129th Committee Strength and Fracture of Advanced Materials A.Toshimitsu Yokobori.Jr specially appointed professor Teikyo University Jun 1960
130th Committee Optoelectronics Takashi Kurokawa Professor Emeritus Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Mar 1961
131st Committee Thin Films Takashi Kondo Professor The University of Tokyo Mar 1961
132nd Committee Electron and Ion Beam Science and Technology Hiroaki Usui Professor Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Feb 1962
133rd Committee Microstructures and Functions of Materials Shin Takeuchi Professor Emeritus The University of Tokyo Jun 1962
134th Committee Colour Fastness Tests Teruo Hori Visiting Professor University of Fukui Apr 1963
136th Committee Future-Oriented Machining Toshihiko Hoshide Professor Kyoto University Nov 1964
139th Committee Properties of Steam Masaru Nakahara Professor Emeritus Kyoto University Nov 1969
141st Committee Microbeam Analysis Yoshikazu Honma Professor Tokyo University of Science Sep 1974
142nd Committee Organic Materials Used in Information Science and Industry Naoyuki Koide Professor Emeritus Tokyo University of Science Nov 1974
143rd Committee Process Systems Engineering Yoshiyuki Yamashita Professor Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Jun 1976
145th Committee Processing and Characterization of Crystals Kouichi Kakimoto Professor kyushu University Oct 1977
146th Committee Superconductive Electronics Akira Fujimaki Professor Nagoya University Oct 1982
147th Committee Amorphous and Nano-Crystalline Materials Mitsuteru Inoue Executive Trustee and Vice President Toyohashi University of Technology Oct 1983
148th Committee Coal and Carbonaceous Resources Utilization Technology Takayuki Takarada Professor Special Duty Gunma University Apr 1984
150th Committee Acoustic Wave Device Technology Ken-ya Hashimoto Professor Chiba University Apr 1985
151st Committee Advanced Nanodevice and Nanomaterial Technology Koji Ishibashi Director and Chief Scientist RIKEN Apr 1986
153rd Committee Plasma Materials Science Masaru Hori Professor Nagoya University Apr 1988
154th Committee Semiconductor Interfaces and Their Applications Seiichi Miyazaki Professor Nagoya University Apr 1990
155th Committee Fluorine Chemistry Rika Hagiwara Professor Kyoto University Apr 1990
157th Committee Structural Response Control Akira Nishitani Professor Waseda University Jan 1994
158th Committee Vacuum Nanoelectronics Hidenori Mimura Professor Shizuoka University Apr 1994
160th Committee Plant Biotechnology for the Environment, Food and Resources Takashi Hashimoto Professor Nara Institute of Science and Technology Jan 1996
161st Committee Science and Technology of Crystal Growth Hiroshi Fujioka Professor The University of Tokyo Apr 1996
162nd Committee Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Photonic and Electronic Devices Katsumi Kishino Professor Sophia University Apr 1996
163rd Committee Internet Technology Shinji Shimojo Professor Osaka University Jul 1996
164th Committee Genome Technology Hiroyuki Aburatani Professor The University of Tokyo Jul 1996
165th Committee Ultra Integrated Silicon Systems Toshiro Hiramoto Professor The University of Tokyo Nov 1996
166th Committee Photonic and Electronic Oxide Materials Norifumi Fujimura Professor Osaka Prefecture University Apr 1997
167th Committee Nano-probe Technology Hiroshi Onishi Professor Kobe University Dec 1997
169th Committee Structural Biology using Diffraction Techniques Takashi Yamane Professor Emeritus Nagoya University Jan 2000
170th Committee Redox Life Innovation Koji Uchida Professor The University of Tokyo Jan 2000
171st Committee Optical Network System Technology Tomohiko Uyematsu Professor Tokyo Institute of Technology Dec 2000
172nd Committee Alloy Phase Diagrams Hiroshi Ohtani Professor Tohoku University Apr 2001
173rd Committee Switching Power Supply System for Coming Era Takashi Nabeshima Visiting Professor Oita University Jul 2001
174th Committee Molecular Nanotechnology Ichiro Yamashita Specially Appointed Professor Osaka University Oct 2001
175th Committee Innovative Photovoltaic Power Generating Systems Makoto Konagai Professor Tokyo City University Apr 2004
176th Committee Process Created Materials Function Tadashi Furuhara Professor Tohoku University Oct 2004
177th Committee System Design and lntegration Kazuhiro Aoyama Professor The University of Tokyo Apr 2005
178th Committee Plant Molecular Design Hiroshi Ezura Professor University of Tsukuba Dec 2005
179th Committee Photonics Information Systems Kentaro Nakamura Professor Tokyo Institute of Technology Apr 2006
180th Committee Risk-Based Asset Management Jun'ichi Sakai Professor Emeritus Waseda University Apr 2007
181st Committee Multifunctional Molecular Electronics Takuji Ogawa Professor Osaka University Apr 2008
182nd Committee Terahertz Science, Technology and Industrial Development Kiyomi Sakai Senior Visiting Researcher National Institute of Information and Communications Technology Oct 2008
183rd Committee Advanced Water Science and Engineering Osamu Takai Professor Emeritus/Professor Nagoya University/Kanto Gakuin University Oct 2010
185th Committee Biomedical optical imaging technologies and their applications Yoko Hoshi Professor Hamamatsu University School of Medicine Oct 2011
186th Committee Radiation Science and Its Applications Ikuo Kanno Professor Kyoto University Apr 2012
187th Committee Metamaterials Teruya Ishihara Professor Tohoku University Oct 2012
188th Committee Electromagnetic-Field-Excited Reaction Fields Yuji Wada Professor Tokyo Institute of Technology Apr 2014
189th Committee New trend of chemical biology in Japan Hiroyuki Osada Deputy Director RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science Apr 2015
190th Committee Hydrogen Function Analyses in Materials Shin-ichi Orimo Professor Tohoku University Apr 2015
191st Committee Innovative Interface Bonding Technology Tadatomo Suga Professor The University of Tokyo Oct 2015
192nd Committee Cyber Security Hidehiko Tanaka Professor Emeritus Institute of Information Security Oct 2015
193th Committee 193th Measurement and Characterization Platform Shingo Ichimura Professor Waseda University Apr 2018
194th Committee 194th Advanced Molecular Transformations by Molecular Catalysts Masahiro Terada Professor Tohoku University Apr 2018