JSPS Logo Mark

Crowing Rooster, logo of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

From days of old in Japan, it has been the belief that the vigorous cry of the rooster in the gray of the morning augurs the coming of a new and bright day. As the crowing rooster can therefore be thought of as a harbinger of the kind of new knowledge that promises a brilliant future for humankind, it was chosen as the logo of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

This logo was designed in 1938 by Professor Sanzo Wada of Tokyo Fine Arts School to depict the rooster that symbolizes the breaking dawn in a verse composed by Emperor Showa.


How to Use the JSPS Logo?

1. Please do not alter it as the logo is JSPS’s image.
2. All rights to logo belong to JSPS. Using the logo for one’s own purposes and or for commercial purposes is not allowed.
3. With regard to the purposes, place and duration of logo usage, please apply for permission.
4. Please read the Guide for logo usage (PDF 1.21 MB), which provides information on what may and may not be done with the JSPS logo.
5. Please do not give the logo to a third party to use.
6. If you wish to use the logo as a banner on your website, please refer to JSPS’s Site Policy.
7. If you wish to use the logo in relation to a JSPS program, please first contact the JSPS program staff.
8. For questions regarding JSPS logo usage, please email us at the below address.

Institutional Research and Information Division,
Policy Planning Department

Email: publicrelations * jsps.go.jp (Please replace*with @. )