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Life in Japan for Foreign Researchers 2014 - 2015


This book is designed to provide useful information for living in Japan to overseas researchers under JSPS’s Postdoctoral Fellowships for Foreign Researchers and Invitation Fellowships for Research in Japan programs. It is normally sent to newly selected JSPS Fellows along with their Award Letter.

The guidebook is meant for the Fellow’s personal use. Any other use, including redistribution, copy, reprinting or commercial use, is prohibited. Information contained in the book is current as of September 2013, and is subject to change. JSPS accepts no responsibility for any loss or inconvenience incurred as a result of using information in this book.


Copyrights 2013 JSPS. All right reserved.


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Chapter 1 --- Procedures for Entry and Residence in Japan

1-1     Obtaining a Visa
1-2 Status of Residence
1-3 Resident Card
1-3-1 Ports of Entry
1-3-2 Carry Your Resident Card at All Times
1-4 Residency Procedures
1-4-1 Temporary Leave of the Country and Re-entry Permit
1-4-2 Activities Other Than Those Authorized
1-4-3 Extension of Your Period of Stay
1-4-4 Change of Your Status of Residence
1-5 Procedures for Family Members
1-5-1 If a Child is Born in Japan
1-6 Immigration and Visa Consultations
1-6-1 Information Centers
1-6-2 One-Stop Consultation Support Centers

Chapter 2 --- Living Accommodations in Japan

2-1     Types of Housing
2-1-1 Housing for Foreign Researchers
2-1-2 Private Housing
2-2 Renting Private Housing
2-2-1 Rental Fee Guidelines
2-2-2 Rent-related Costs
2-2-3 Rental Contract Procedures and Precautions
2-3 Rent and Other Fees
2-4 Electricity, Gas, and Water
2-5 Precautions Concerning Daily Living Customs
2-5-1 Ventilation
2-5-2 Interior Care
2-5-3 Garbage Disposal
2-5-4 Cohabitation, Noise and Other Matters
2-5-5 Pets
2-5-6 Moving Out of Your Rented House/Apartment

Chapter 3 --- Daily Life in Japan

3-1     Banks
3-1-1 Opening a Bank Account
3-1-2 Automatic Payment and ATM Cash Card
3-2 Mail
3-2-1 Post Offices
3-2-2 Overseas Courier Services
3-3 Telephone
3-3-1 Installing a Telephone
3-3-2 Domestic Telephone Calls
3-3-3 International Telephone Calls
3-3-4 Cellular Phones, Smart Phones, and PHS (Personal Handyphone System)
3-3-5 Public Telephones
3-3-6 Connecting to the Internet
3-4 Transportation
3-4-1 Japan Railway
3-4-2 Trains, Subways and Buses
3-4-3 Airlines
3-4-4 Taxis
3-4-5 Driver’s Licenses
3-5 Medical Care
3-5-1 Medical System in Japan
3-5-2 Medical Care in Foreign Languages
3-5-3 Traveler’s Insurance
3-5-4 National Health Insurance
3-5-5 Pregnancy and Childbirth
3-5-6 Immunizations
3-6 Cultural Facilities
3-6-1 Traditional Performing Arts
3-6-2 Museums
3-6-3 Libraries
3-7 Japanese Language Study
3-7-1 Selecting a Japanese Language School
3-7-2 Japanese Language Proficiency Test
3-8 Children’s Education
3-8-1 Japanese School System
3-8-2 Enrollment Procedures
3-8-3 Child Allowance
3-8-4 Acceptance of Children from Overseas
3-8-5 International Schools
3-9 Information Provided by Local International Exchange Associations

Chapter 4 --- Other Useful Information

4-1     Numbers to Call in an Emergency
4-1-1 To Report a Crime or Traffic Accident
- Dial 110 -
4-1-2 To Report a Fire or Request an Ambulance
- Dial 119 -
4-1-3 Medical Terms for Describing Symptoms
4-2 Earthquakes
4-2-1 Preparing for an Earthquake
4-2-2 If an Earthquake Occurs and You Feel Your House Shaking
4-2-3 Tsunamis
4-3 Typhoons
4-4 Weather
4-5 National Holidays and Other Important Dates
4-6 Traveling in Japan
4-7 Transportation between International Airports and Metropolitan Areas
4-7-1 Narita International Airport
4-7-2 Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport) International Flights
4-7-3 Kansai International Airport
4-8 Various Mass Media: TV, Radio, Newspapers
4-9 Sizes of Clothes and Shoes

Chapter 5 --- Academic Information

5-1     Japan’s Science and Technology Administration and Academic Research Institutes
5-1-1 Universities (Graduate Schools)
5-1-2 Inter-University Research Institute Corporations
5-1-3 Research Institutes under Jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and Others
5-2 Academic Societies
5-3 Academic Information System
5-4 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
5-5 Private Sector Organizations Inviting Overseas Researchers Other Than the JSPS


Ⅰ      Japanese Government Structure
Organization of Japanese Research Administration
Government Offices, etc.
Inter-University Research Institute Corporations
Main Research Institutes, etc (National Research Institutes, Independent Administrative Institutions)
Regional Immigration Bureaus and District Immigration Offices
Prefectural and City Governments’ URLs and International Exchange Associations
Postal Fee
Weights & Measures
Traffic Signs and Public Signs
11 Railways and Subways(Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Fukuoka)
12 Regions and Prefectures of Japan/Railway and Airline Network

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