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JSPS Has Launched Alumni Follw-up Activities

Over the first two decades of JSPS’s Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers Program, more than 24,000 researchers from all over the world have come to Japan under its auspices. After completing their up-to-two year tenure, some of these fellows return to their home countries, others remain in Japan, while still others go on to different countries in pursuit of their research activities.

Considering former fellows who have accrued experience in Japan under this JSPS postdoctoral program to be valuable assets in advancing research between Japan and its counterpart countries, JSPS has launched follow-up activities aimed at forming and maintaining a network between former JSPS fellows and JSPS itself as well as among the former JSPS fellows.


Activities of JSPS Alumni Associations

In Germany, the JSPS Club, established in 1995, advanced its agenda of activities carried out voluntarily by former JSPS fellows. The success of this Alumni Club in Germany has led the way to the other countries. JSPS alumni associations have been established one after another in France(2003), the UK(2004), the US(2004), Sweden(2005), India(2006), Egypt(2008), Korea(2008), Eastern Africa(2008), Bangladesh(2009), Finland(2009), Thailand(2010), China(2010) and the Philippines(2013), Nepal (2015) and Denmark (2015). Most of these alumni associations are affiliated with JSPS Overseas Offices except for those alumni associations in India and Korea. In the spring of 2014, the UK alumni association opened the door to the former fellows in the Republic of Ireland to join and "The JSPS Alumni Association of the UK and the Republic of Ireland" has been launched.

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