Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

Types of Grants Programs

Various grant programs are provided based on the objective and nature of the research.Grant administration under these categories is currently divided between MEXT and JSPS. In the future, all administrative functions will be transferred to JSPS.

Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research
  Specially Promoted Research Highly regarded research in the international arena that is likely to yield highly acclaimed research achievements and is done by one researcher or by a relatively small group of researchers.

(The period is three to five years. As a general indicator, the upper limit of the total budget provided is set around 500 million yen per research project. However, no upper and lower limits have been established.)
Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (Research in a proposed research area)

New research areas that will lead to the upgrading and enhancement of scientific research in Japan. The new research areas are proposed by one researcher or by a group of researchers, and will develop through the effort to cultivate collective research, research personnel, etc.

(The period is five years. In principle, the budget is set at around 10 million to 300 million yen per fiscal year per field.)
Scientific Research (S) Leading-edge research by a researcher or a small group of researchers
  • As a rule 5 years
  • 50-200 million yen per project
Creative and pioneering research by a researcher or a group of researchers
  • 3-5 years
  • [A] 20-50 million yen per project
  • [B] 5-20 million yen per project
  • [C] Up to 5 million yen per project
Challenging Exploratory Research Research at an early stage with highly challenging goals based on unique concepts
  • 1-3 years
  • Up to 5 million yen per project
Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (S) Research carried out by an individual researcher of up to age 42
  • 5 years
  • 30-100 million yen per project
Research carried out by an individual researcher of up to age 39
  • 2-4 years
  • [A] 5-30 million yen per project
  • [B] Up to 5 million yen per project
Research Activity Start-up Start-up research mainly conducted by a newly tenured researchers and restart research for researchers returning to the lab after taking maternity and/or infant-care leave
  • Up to 2 years
  • Up to 1.5 million yen per year
Encouragement of Scientists Research carried out by an employee of an educational or research institution or a corporation or any other individual
  • 1 year
  • Up to 1 million yen
Grant-in-Aid for Special Purposes Urgent and critical research subjects
Grant-in-Aid for Publication of Scientific Research Results  
  Publication of Research Results Publishing scientific research results
Scientific Periodicals  Publication of International academic journals
Scientific Literature Books on research results
Databases Compiling and networking databases
Grant-in-Aid for JSPS Research Fellow Research by JSPS Research Fellow
(Japanese and overseas researchers)
  • Up to 3 years
Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research
  Fostering Joint International Research For Joint International Research that a researcher selected by KAKENHI performs at a foreign university or research facility, covering a period from about 6 months to one year (up to 12 million yen)
International Group Support for International Activities within Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (Set period of the Area, up to 15 million yen per year)
Returning Researcher Development Research Research that is expected to take place when Japanese researchers who are currently residing abroad, return to Japan (period up to 3 years, up to 50 million yen)

Newly selected grants under the categories (i.e., Scientific Research (C), Challenging Exploratory Research, Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B)) are covered under the multi-year Fund from FY 2011 (printed in blue).
New projects selected in from FY2012 to FY2014 under the grant categories Scientific Research (B) and Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (A) with total funding of ¥5 million or less and the grant category Scientific Research(B)(Screening Division “Generative Research Field”) are now covered under the multi-year Fund (printed in red).