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Overseas Challenge Program for Young Researchers

( As of March 31, 2018)

If you any differences in wording or interpretation should occur between Japanese and English, the Japanese part will take precedence.

  1. Purpose

     This program gives doctoral students an opportunity  to go overseas to challenge a new research environment, one in which they engage in joint research with researchers in other countries over a period of three months to one year. In this way, the program contributes to the fostering of young researchers who possess abundant international experience and can be expected to play leading roles in the wider scientific arena.

  2. Target Fields

    All fields of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences

  3. Scheduled Number of Participants

    About 140

  4. Application Eligibility

    Persons are eligible to apply who satisfy all of the following requirements.
    (1) As of 1 April of the year of selection, be enrolled in a doctoral program at a Japanese university. 
    (2) At the time of both application and selection, be a citizen of Japan or have permanent residency status in Japan.
    (3) However, persons are not eligible if at the time of application they have already experienced a continuous 90-day stay overseas.

    Simultaneous application may not be made for this program and a researcher exchange program under MoUs with Switzerland or India.

  5. Period of Overseas Stay

    Three months to one year from the date of dispatch

  6. Receiving Institutions/Researchers

    Excellent overseas universities and research institutions
    (However, the overseas research institutes of Japanese universities or research institutions are not applicable, nor are for-profit private research institutes.)

  7. Financial Support

    (1) Roundtrip international airfare to destination country (excluding domestic travel within Japan)
    (2) Maintenance allowance: From \1 million to \1.4 million per dispatch (differing by country)
    (3) Bench fees (Up to \200 thousand)

  8. Number of Selections
  9.  ApplicationsSelectionsSelection Ratios(%)
    FY2017 311 132 42.4
  10. Destinations (FY2017)
  11. DestinationSelection Ratios(%)
    North America 36.4
    Europe 48.5
    Oceania 9.1
    Asia 3.8