Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Kojimachi Business Center Building,
5-3-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083, JAPAN




2014 Winter

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  • Nobel Prize Dialogue to Be Held in Tokyo
  • GRC:Interview with JSPS President
  • JSPS Takes Initiative in Ensuring Research Integrity
  • JSPS Honorary Fellow
  • Meeting of Heads of Research Councils in Asia Held in Korea
  • Get-together with Young Researchers Participating in STS forum
  • “Science in Japan” Forum Held in Washington, DC
  • NIH-Japan-JSPS Symposium on Biomedical Research Held
  • Joint Symposium Held at UC Berkeley
  • UK-JSPS Physics Symposium Held at University of Leeds
  • UK-JSPS Symposium Held at University of Sheffield
  • JSPS Abend and JR-Net Coordination Meeting Held in Bonn
  • Forum on Inorganic Chemistry Held in Strasbourg
  • Trilateral Dialogue Held on High North Research
  • JSPS and CASS Hold Joint Symposium in Beijing
  • JSPS Bangkok Office and Alumni Association Hold Two Seminars
  • JSPS Holds Program Briefing at Bangladesh Agricultural University
  • Environmental Seminar Held by Sweden Alumni Club
  • Korea-Japan Research Network Holds Its 10th Academic Meeting
  • Indian JSPS Alumni Association Holds Symposium and General Assembly
  • New Developments at JSPS Nairobi Research Station and Eastern Africa Alumni Association
  • Revisiting the History of JSPS Quarterly
  • Universities Selected under Top Global University Project
  • Introducing WPI Centers
  • Science Dialogue
  • Research and Life in Japan by a JSPS Fellow (32)