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October 26~October 28, 2012



Potsdam, Germany


セッショントピックスSession Topics:


Membrane Nanodomains in Physiology

Material Science Meets Medicine - Biomineralization

Marine Robotics

Connecting Bits and Atoms

Gravitation – Unknown Interaction

Knowledge and Knowing in the Contact Zone: Towards a Dialogue of Disciplines and Cultures


Report of 9th JGFoS by PGM Co-Chair Dr. Atsushi Wakamiya


List of Participants:

   PGM: Planning Group Member
Membrane Nanodomains in Physiology (Biology /Life Science) Glossary
PGM Kazuki HORIKAWA The University of Tokushima  
PGM (Co-Chair) Tobias MOSER University of Goettingen  
Introductory Speaker Yukiko GODA RIKEN Brain Science Institute
Speaker Susanne SCHOCH University of Bonn
Speaker Shiro SUETSUGU The University of Tokyo
Material Science Meets Medicine - Biomineralization (Chemistry/Material Science) Glossary
PGM(Co-Chair) Atsushi WAKAMIYA Kyoto University  
PGM Sabine LUDWIGS University of Stuttgart  
Introductory Speaker John DUNLOP Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam-Golm
Speaker Tatsuya NISHIMURA The University of Tokyo
Speaker Ingrid WEISS Leibniz Institute for New Materials, Saarbruecken
Marine Robotics (Earth Science/Geosciences/Environment) Glossary
PGM Hiroshi TANIMOTO National Institute for Environmental Studies  
PGM Anja ENGEL Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences
Introductory Speaker Oliver ZIELINSKI University of Oldenburg
Speaker Burkard BASCHEK Helmholtz Centre Geesthacht
Speaker Shigeki HOSODA Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
Connecting Bits and Atoms (Mathematics/Informatics/Engineering) Glossary
PGM Shinsaku HIURA Hiroshima City University  
PGM Daniela NICKLAS University of Oldenburg  
Introductory Speaker Norimichi UKITA Nara Institute of science and technology
Speaker Hiraku OKADA Nagoya University
Speaker Carsten ROECKER RWTH Aachen University
Gravitation – Unknown Interaction (Physics/Astrophysics) Glossary
PGM Tsuyoshi NAKAYA Kyoto University  
PGM Andrey SURZHYKOV University of Heidelberg  
Introductory Speaker Jiro MURATA Rikkyo University
Speaker Yoichi ASO The University of Tokyo
Speaker Daniele ORITI Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, Potsdam-Golm
Knowledge and Knowing in the Contact Zone: Towards a Dialogue of Disciplines and Cultures (Social Sciences) Glossary
PGM Yuriko YAMANAKA National Museum of Ethnology  
PGM Stefan BOESCHEN Karlsruhe Institute of Technology  
Introductory Speaker Kien Nghi HA University of Bremen
Speaker Yu ONUMA Doshisha University
Speaker Darius Zifonun University of Applied Sciences Berlin

General Participants(Japan)
Mayumi AOKI Kanazawa University
Hironobu FUJIYOSHI Chubu University
Ken-ichi FUKUI Osaka University
Ayako IWATANI Hiroshima University
Azusa KAMIKOUCHI Nagoya University
Junko MARUYAMA Tsuda College
Kikuko NAGAYOSHI Tohoku University
Takashi OKA The University of Tokyo
Naoko SAITOH Chiba University
Hiroshi SHINOKUBO Nagoya University
Kaoru  SUGIMURA Kyoto University
Kouhei TSUMOTO The University of Tokyo
Takafumi UENO Tokyo Institute of Technology
Kei YOSHIMURA The University of Tokyo
Kazunori YOSHIZAWA Hokkaido University

General Participants(Germany)
Stefan BAER University of Heidelberg
Henrike BERKEFELD University of Freiburg
Iris DILLMAN University of Giessen
Friedrich FOERSTER Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry
Denis GEBAUER University of Konstanz
Thomas W. GRIMM Max Planck Institute for Physics
Silke HAUF Max Planck Society
Yvonne JOSEPH TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Torsten KANZOW Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research (GEOMAR)
Ulrike LUCKE University of Potsdam
Silvia SANTINI TU Darmstadt
Birgit SCHNEIDER University of Kiel
Christine SELHUBER-UNKEL University of Kiel
Marco ZAGERMANN University of Hannover
Questionnaire Results(PDF)