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October 31- November 2, 2008



Atrium Hotel Mainz (Germany)


セッショントピックスSession Topics:


Biological Clocks (Biology/Life Science)

New Directions in Catalysis (Chemistry/Material Science)

Stable Isotopes in Earth and Space Science (Earth Science/Geoscience/Environment)

Frontiers of Bioinformatics (Mathematics/Informatics/Engineering)

Quantum Information (Physics/Astrophysics)

Sustainability: Challenges for (Social) Sciences (Social Sciences)


Participants List:

   PGM: Planning Group Member
Biological Clocks (Biology/Life Science)
PGM [co-chair] Hiroaki Suga The University of Tokyo
PGM [co-chair] Andreas Draguhn University of Heidelberg
Introductory Speaker Toru Takumi Osaka Bioscience Institute
Speaker Masao Doi Kyoto University 
Speaker Steffen Gais University of Munich
New Directions in Catalysis (Chemistry/Material Science)
PGM  Kazuo Nagasawa Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
PGM  Joern Piel University of Bonn
Introductory Speaker Helge Bode Saarland University
Speaker Takashi OoI Nagoya University
Speaker Christian Hertweck Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology Jena
Stable Isotopes in Earth and Space Science (Earth Science/Geoscience/Environment)
PGM  Naoki Watanabe Hokkaido University
PGM  Joern Peckmann University of Bremen
Introductory Speaker Tomoki Nakamura Kyushu University
Speaker Shogo Tachibana The University of Tokyo
Speaker Andreas Pack University of Goettingen
Frontiers of Bioinformatics (Mathematics/Informatics/Engineering)
PGM Tomohiro Shibata Nara Institute of Science and Technology
PGM Barbara Hammer Clausthal University of Technology
Introductory Speaker Falk Schreiber Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research
Speaker Masao Nagasaki The University of Tokyo
Speaker Tim Nattkemper University of Bielefeld
Quantum Information (Physics/Astrophysics)
PGM Takaaki Koga Hokkaido University
PGM Christoph Becher Saarland University
Introductory Speaker Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler University of Ulm
Speaker Masato Koashi Osaka University
Speaker Fedor Jelezko University of Stuttgart
Sustainability: Challenges for (Social) Sciences (Social Sciences)
PGM Takako Fujiwara-Greve Keio University
PGM Harald Heinrichs KPMG Europe
Introductory Speaker Shunsuke Managi Yokohama National University
Speaker Mihoko Shimamoto Hosei University
Speaker Susanne Stoll-Kleemann University of Greifswald
General Participants(Japan)
Shuji Akiyama Nagoya University
Tomoko Amano Kinki University
Takayuki Nishizaka Gakushuin University
Shigeki Matsunaga University of Tokyo
Moritoshi Sato University of Tokyo
Takuo Okuchi Okayama University
Nozomu Takeuchi Chiba University
Tomoko Matsui The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Junichiro Yoshimoto Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
Yoko Konishi Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry
Shirou Saitou NTT Basic Research Laboratory
Go Yusa Tohoku University
Yasuhiro Awatsuji Kyoto Institute of Technology
Yasuyo Hamaguchi Nagoya City University
Takuya Nakaizumi Kanto Gakuin University
General Participants (German)
Sebastian Boecker Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
Stephanie Grond Georg-August University Goettingen
Matthias Gross Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research Leipzig
Nikolaus Gussone University of Muenster
Jochen Holzschuh University of Freiburg
Mathias Kläui University of Konstanz
Ursula Kummer University of Heidelberg
Stefan Ludwig University of Munich
Bert Maier Charité - University Medicine Berlin
Anita Marchfelder University of Ulm
Jens Newig University of Osnabrueck
Gunnar Otte University of Zurich
Arno Rauschenbeutel Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Barbara Teichert Federal Institute for Geosciences & Natural Resources Hannover
Uwe Wiechert Free University Berlin
Fred S, Wouters Georg-August University Goettingen