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Frontiers of Science Symposium
2016 Symposium
2014 Symposium
2012 Symposium
2010 Symposium
2008 Symposium
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1. Background:

JAFoS has its origins in an August 1996 discussion between Mr. Hidenao Nakagawa, then Minister of State for Science and Technology, and Dr. Bruce Alberts, President of the National Academy of Sciences. In an administrative reshuffling, the program was transferred to JSPS in 2001.

2. Venue:

The symposium venue alternates between Japan and the US.

3. Number of sessions: Eight

4. Number of participants:  

About 80 (40 from each side)
Each session comprises two PGMs* (one from each side), an introductory speaker** , two speakers (one from each side), and general participants.

*Planning Group Members
**The title "chair" has been changed to "introductory speaker" from 2016    Symposiums