HOPE Meetings

6th HOPE Meeting Lecturers

Prof. Makoto Kobayashi
Photo by KEK

Prof. Makoto KOBAYASHI
2008 Nobel Laureate in Physics
Director, Research Center for Science Systems, JSPS
Honorary Professor Emeritus, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)

<Chairperson's Message: Prof. Makoto Kobayashi >

  This Sixth HOPE Meeting is carried out in a way that spans the three disciplines of physics; chemistry; and physiology / medicine. This is being done for the first time because of the need to continue fixing our eyes on new areas of investigation while possessing a wide field of vision within what has become the highly atomized realm of science. To lead us along this path, this HOPE Meeting brings the participants together with Prof. Ei-ichi Negishi, Prof. Brian P. Schmidt, and other Nobel laureates and top world-level researchers. I look forward to the discussions you will have with these frontline researchers being of great inspiration to you as you advance your own careers towards lofty ends.

  This Sixth HOPE Meeting will be attended by young researchers from nearly 20 Asia-Pacific and African countries and regions, an increase vis-à-vis the past. I very much look forward to each and every one of you developing into the caliber of researcher who will drive scientific advancement in not only your regions but also around the world.
Prof. Susumu TONEGAWA    Prof. Brian P. SCHMIDT
Nobel Laureate in Physics 2011
ANU Distinguished Professor, The Australian National University
Prof. Hideki SHIRAKAWA   Prof. Hideki SHIRAKAWA
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2000
Emeritus Professor, University of Tsukuba
Prof. Ryoji NOYORI   Prof. Martin CHALFIE
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2008
University Professor, Columbia University
Prof. Aharon Jehuda CIECHANOVER
  Prof. Ei-ichi NEGISHI
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2010
Herbert C. Brown Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Purdue University
江崎 玲於奈 博士   Dr. Richard J. ROBERTS
Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine 1993
Chief Scientific Officer, New England Biolabs
Prof. Gunnar ÖQUIST   Prof. Gunnar ÖQUIST
Professor Emeritus, Umeå University
Former Secretary General, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
スザンヌ・シェイル 博士   Dr. Suzanne SHALE
Ethics Consultant, University of Oxford & King’s College London