HOPE Meetings

2nd HOPE Meeting Lecturers

Prof. Ryoji Noyori
Prof. Ryoji Noyori: Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2001
President, RIKEN
<Chairperson's Message: Dr. Ryoji Noyori (2001 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry)>
"Embodying the Beauty of Science within Yourselves"

I have chosen “Art in Science” as the theme of the next HOPE Meeting, for I believe scientific pursuit to be one of man’s most noble yet beautiful activities, driven as it is by a relentless desire to pursue truth within the universe while contributing to human progress and wellbeing. It’s my hope that young researchers will, in addition to developing academic expertise, cultivate within themselves as scientists a strong sense of responsibility to society coupled with a lofty spirit that personifies “art in science.”

 The second HOPE Meeting will be held from September 27th to October 1st in Hakone, a picturesque mountain resort to the west of Tokyo. At the meeting, my colleague Nobel laureates and eminent representatives of the arts will share their wisdom and experience via interfaces with the participating young scientists. On the last day, I will invite the group to visit my institution RIKEN. They will also tour some cultural sites around Tokyo. I expect the participants of this HOPE Meeting to be greatly inspired through their interactions with some of the world’s most leading scholars while enjoying a warm interchange with future colleagues from around the Asia-Pacific region. I look forward to seeing you in Hakone at the next HOPE Meeting.
Prof. Peter Agre
Prof. Peter Agre: Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2003
Professor and Director
Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute
Bloomberg School of Public Health
Prof. Leo Esaki
Prof. Leo Esaki: Nobel Prize in Physics 1973
President, Science Academy of Tsukuba
President, Yokohama College of Pharmacy
Prof. Makoto Kobayashi
Prof. Makoto Kobayashi: Nobel Prize in Physics 2008
Executive Director, JSPS
Honorary Professor Emeritus, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Prof. Yuan T. Lee
Prof. Yuan T. Lee: Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1986
President Emeritus and Distinguished Research Fellow,
Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica
Mr. Koichi Tanaka
Mr. Koichi Tanaka: Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2002
General Manager, Mass Spectrometry Research Laboratory in Shimadzu Corporation
Prof. Susumu Tonegawa
Prof. Susumu Tonegawa: Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1987
Picower Professor of Biology and Neuroscience
Director, RIKEN-MIT Center for Neural Circuit Genetics
Picower Institute for Learning and Memory,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Prof. Svante Lindqvist
Prof. Svante Lindqvist(Special Lecture)
Museum Director, Nobel Museum
Mr. Tadao Ando
Mr. Tadao Ando (Video Lecture)
Emeritus Professor, The University of Tokyo
Prof. Shuji Takashina
Prof. Shuji Takashina(Special Lecture)
Director, Ohara Museum of Art
Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo