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JSPS International Joint Research Program

International Joint Research Program

ICC Program (NSF)

JSPS-NSF International Collaborations in Chemistry (ICC): Data

 Number of
planned awards
Number of
applications for
Number of
applications for
Full Proposal
Actual number of
FY 2010 2~3 25 10 2
FY 2011 1~2 15 3 1
FY 2012 1~2 5 3 1
FY 2013 1~2 11 5 1

FYTitle of ProjectJapanU.S.A
FY2010  Investigation of Novel Telomeric Structures and Their Effects on Human Telomerase Hiroshi SUGIYAMA Professor, Kyoto University Hanbin Mao Assistant Professor, Kent State University
Electronic Structure of Biological Metallo-Cluster and its Magnetic Interplay with the Protein Surrounding in Thermophile Metalloenzymes Toshio IWASAKI Lecturer, Nippon Medical School Sergei A. Dikanov Research Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
FY2011  Synthetic Organic Approaches to Carbon Nanotubes with Well-defined Structure Yoshito TOBE Professor, Osaka University Yves Rubin Professor, University of California, Los Angeles
FY2012 The Chemical Basis for Allosteric Regulation of G Protein Coupled Receptors Takuya KOBAYASHI Senior Lecturer,  Kyoto University Kobilka Brian Professor, Stanford University
FY2013 Synthesis and Assembly of Shape-Adjustable, Reconfigurable Nanocrystals Nobuo KIMIZUKA Professor, Kyushu University Steve Granick Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign