Summary of Research Project Results Under the JSPS FY2000
"Research for the future Program"

1.Research Institution University of Tsukuba
2.University-Industry Cooperative Research Committee 145th Committee on Processing and Characterization of Crystals
3.Term of Project FY1996〜FY2000
4.Project Number 96R14501
5.Title of Project Development of automatic system for protein crystal data collection at high speed with high accuracy and high resolution by use of SRX-rays

6.Projetct Leader
Name Institution,Department Title of Position
Ken-ichi Ohshima Institute of Materials Sciences, Univ. of Tsukuba Professor

7.Core Members

8.Cooperating Researchers

Names Institution,Department Title of Position
Noriyoshi SAKABE Foundation for Advancement of Institutional Science Head of Researcher
Kyoyu SASAKI School of Informatics and Sciences Nagoya Univ. Professor
Tsuneyuki HIGASHI Rigaku Corporation Head of Institute

9.Summary of Research Results

We developed an newly designed automatic Weissenberg data collection system using large formatted imaging plate (IP) for macromolecule crystallography. This automatic data collection system consists of a rotated-inclined focusing monochromator, a Weissenberg type camera, an image reader, an eraser, a cassette transportation mechanism, a control console and a high-security, high-speed computer network linking data processing computers and large data servers. We used two cylindrical IP cassettes (r = 400mm, width=450mm) to speed up the measurement. Each cassette has 36 small holes located at 10 degree intervals along the circumference of the cylinder for the incident X-rays. Thus maximum 36 images per an cassette can be recorded on an IP cassette. The frame exchange speed in a cassette is only several seconds. The oscillation range for an image can be set more than 10 degrees, when Weissenburg mode is applied. The images recorded on an IP in the cassette are read out by 5 reading heads in only either 4' 38" at 0.2mm×0.2mm or 8' 28" at 0.1mm×0.1mm pixel size. Accuracy of data is very high (r.m.s error is 1.5% against 8,600 X-ray photons) and dynamic range is 106. The maximum resolution limit is 0.57Å using 1Å x-rays and we can collect data to crystals with 300Å cell dimensions. All information which needs for data processing is described on a tailler so that all steps from data recording to data processing are automated. An automatic crystal axis alignment, an automatic alignment of the camera optical axis to the X-ray beams and cryo-cooling equipment are also equipped. This system is applicable to time-resolved protein crystallography using monochromatic X-rays at second time-scale because of its high frame exchange speed.
100% duty cycle 3x6 arrayed CCD detector is also developed. The crystal growth in micro-gravity was studied extensively.

10.Key Words

(1)Weissenberg camera、(2)protein crystallography、(3)imaging plate
(4)network、(5)data collection system、(6)SR
(7)time-resolved studies、(8)monochromatic beam、(9)monochromater


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