Program Coordinators: Dr. Yoshio Sakurai, Japan
Dr. Stephen A. Sherwin, United States
Dr. Saul A. Schepartz, United States


The Treatment Program Area under the U.S.-Japan Cooperative Cancer Research Program has continued to concentrate on problems of therapy with drugs and biological response modifiers, as well as research on radiation therapy. The primary mechanism for implementing the agreement is the scientific seminar, plus selected exchanges of personnel. As will be discussed in more detail later, three seminars were held during the past reporting year, the first one on problems of drug resistance, the second on the current status of chemotherapy for curable cancers, and the third, the annual program review meeting that concentrated on the development of drugs and biological response modifiers. Although no radiation therapy meeting was held during the current reporting period, a seminar was held during the past period and another is scheduled for early in the next.