Adult-type Cancers under 30 Years of Age: U.S. Compared with Japan. Tokyo, March 1985
Organizers: Kunio Aoki, M.D., Haruo Sugano, M.D. and Robert W. Miller, M.D.

The Prognostic and Etiologic Importance of Subtypes of Cancer. Hawaii, October 1984.
Organizers: Haruo Sugano, M.D. and Robert W. Miller, M.D.

Exchange Scientists

(1) Dr. Motoharu Shimizu, molecular biologist, Cancer Institute, Tokyo, to study microinjection techniques with Dr. Kazuhiro Ogawa, Jackson Memorial Laboratory, Maine.
(2) Dr. Yoshinori Urano, pathologist, Tokyo University, to consult about autopsy registration with Drs. Grant Stemmerman and Abraham Nomura, Kaukini Hospital, Honolulu, Hawaii, and Dr. C.R. Key, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
(3) Dr. Naoto Aoki, pathologist, Tokyo University. to study the relationship between hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatocellular carcinoma, using the woodchuck model with Dr. W. S. Maison, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
(4) A Japanese scientist interested in leukemia is being considered.