JSPS Summer Program

List of Eligible Host Institutes

6. Non-Profit Organizations
Advanced Institute of Materials Science
Advanced Scientific Technology & Management Research Institute of KYOTO
Agricultural Policy Research Committee Inc.
Ai information center (research group)
Ancient Orient Museum
Animal Clinical Research Foundation
Architectural Research Association
Asia Center for Air Pollution Research
Asian Growth Research Institute
Asia Pacific Institute of Research
Association for Disaster Prevention Research
Association for the Development of Earthquake prediction
Buraku Liberation and Human Rights Research Institute
Center for Clinical and Biomedical Research, Sapporo Higashi Tokushukai Hospital
Center for Health Service, Outcomes Research and Development-Japan
Central Institute for Experimental Animals (CIEA)
Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI)
Choju Medical Institute, Fukushimura Hospital
Chugoku Regional Research Center
Comprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society
Crisis & Environment Management Policy Instituteand environment management policy institute (CeMI)
Department of Clinical Research, Chiba Tokushukai Hospital
Environment, Energy, Forestry and Agriculture Network Institute
Equine Research Institute JRA
Flower and Green Bank Foundation
Food and Drug Safety Center (FDSC)
Forest Economy Research Institute
Foundation for Advancement of International Science
Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation
Foundation of Sleep and Health Sciences
Fukada Geological Institute
Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute (FLSI)
Gangoji Institute for Research of Culture Property
General Building Research Corporation of Japan (GBRC)
General Incorporated Foundation Construction Engineering Research Institute
Geo-Research Institute (GRI)
Geosystem Reseasrch Institute
Hakodate Regional Industry Promotion Foundation Organization
Hanamaki General Hospital (Rinsyoukenkyuubu)
Hattori Botanical Laboratory
Health Research Foundation
Hyogo Earthquake Memorial 21st Century Research Institute (HEM21)
Hyogo Prefectural Rehabilitation Central Hospital
HyogoEnvironmentalAdvancementAssociation(HYOGO Prefectural Institute of Environmental Sciences)
Idemitsu Museum of Arts
Information and Research Center for Learning
Innovation Center of NanoMedicine, Institute of Industrial Promotion Kawasaki
Institute for Agriculture, Medicine, and the Environment
Institute for Animal Reproduction
Institute for Applied Optics
Institute for Future Engineering
Institute for Health Economics and Policy
Institute for Health Outcomes & Process Evaluation research
Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement, Tokyo Healthcare Foundation
Institute for Horticultural Plant Breeding
Institute for International policy Studies
Institute for Laser Technology
Institute for Transport Policy Studies
Institute of Applied Biochemistry
Institute of Applied Electro-magnetism and Info-communication
Institute of Brain and Blood Vessels
Institute of Elderly Housing Sciences
Institute of Social Theory and Dynamics
Institute of Systems, Information Technologies and Nanotechnologies (ISIT)
International Consortium on Landslides (ICL)
International Institute for Advanced Studies
International Institute for Children's Literature,Osaka
International Institute for Digital Humanities, General Incorporated Foundation
International Rescue System Institute (IRS)
International Superconductivity Technology Center-ISTEC(Superconductivity Research Laboratory-SRL)
Ishigami Memorial Institute of Medecine
Iwate Biotechnology Research Center (IBRC)
Iwate Cultual Promotion Agency
Japan Ability Development Engineering Center (JADEC)
Japan Association for Development of Community Medicine (Institute of Community Medicine)
Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI)
Japan Chemical Analysis Center
Japan Color Research Institute
Japan Dam Engineering Center
Japan Economic Research Institute
Japan Educational Research Institute
Japan Fine Ceramics Center
Japan Institure of Lifelong Learning
Japan Monkey Centre
Japan Renewable Energy Foundation
Japan Research Institute of Characters Culture
Japan Securities Research Institute
Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery
Japan Space Forum
Japan Statistic Association
Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI)
Japan Textbook Research Center
Japan University Accreditation Association(Division of Accreditation&Higher Education Studies)
Japan Weather Association
Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research (JFCR)
Japanese Institute of Pearl Science
Japanish-Deutches Kulturinstitut
Jodo Shu Research Institute (JSRI)
Junwa Rehabilitation Foundation(Institute of Junwa Rehabilitation Foundation)
Kagoshima City Aquarium
Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology (KAST)
Kazusa DNA Research Institute (KDRI)
Kinugasa Research Foundation for Textile Science
Kitasato Research Center (department of research) for Environmental Sciences
Kobayasi Institute of Physical Research
Kobe International Medical Foundation
Kohno Clinical Medicine Research Institute
Kurokawa Institute of Ancient Cultures
Kyoto Human Rights Research Institute
Kyushu Economic Research Center
Laboratory for Mechanical Medicine, Locomotive Syndrome Research Institute, Nadogaya Hospital
Laboratory of Cancer Medical Science, Hokuto Hospital
Louis Pasteur Center for Medical Research
Marine ecology research institute
Marine Infomation Research Center
Medical Corporation Shinmeikai Miyakojima IGRT Clinic(Research & Development Section)
Meguro Parasitological Museum
Microbial Chemistry Research Foundation
Mitsui Bunko
Mokichi Okada Art and Culture Foundation (Curatorial Department)
Nagoya Industrial Science Research Institute (NISRI)
National Institute on Consumer Education
Neuropsychiatric Research Institute
Nezu Museum
Nippon Institute for Biological Science
Noda Institute for Scientific Research
Noma Institute Of Educational Reserch
Obu Dementia Care Research and Training Center
Okayama Ceramics Research Foundation
Okinawa Churashima Foundation Okinawa Churashima Research Center
Okinaka Memorial Institute for Medical Research
Okura Institute for the Study of Spiritual Culture
Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure
Osaka Center for Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
Osaka City Museums Association
Parks and RecreationFoundation
Philatelic Museum
Physical Fitness Research Institute Meiji Yasuda Life Foundation of Health and Welfare
Protein Research Foundation
PublicInterestIncorporatedFoudationSatisticalInformationInstitute for Consulting and Analysis
Quantum Chemistry Research Institute (QCRI)
Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF)
Railway Technical Research Institute
Research Center, Institute of Environment Rehabilitation and Conservation
Research for Spaceguard Center, Japan Spaceguard Association
Research Foundartion Itsuu Laboratory
Research Institute for Applied Sciences
Research Institute for Electromagnetic Materials
Research Institute for Peace and Security
Research Institute for Policies on Pension and Aging
Research Institute for Production Development
Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth
River Foundation(Research Institute of River )
Saga Prefectural Regional Industry Support Center (SAGA-LS)
Sagami Chemical Research Institute
Sakakibara Heart Institute
Sasaki Foundation
Sen-oku Hakuko kan
Shiminkatsudou Information Center
Shonan Kamakura General Hospital, Medical Corporation Okinawa Tokushukai
Soshukai Research Institute
Southen Tohoku Research Institute for Neuroscience
Soviet Probrems Research Institution
Suntory Foundation for Life Sciences (SUNBOR)
TakayamaMedicalClinic of TaihoukaiMedicalGroup(Clinical examination and Medical technologyDepartment
Tanaka Institute for Educational Research
Tateyama Caldera Sabo Museum
The Advanced Materials Processing Institute Kinki Japan
the Association for the Environmental Conservation of the Ocean
The Calamity Science Institute
The Cardiovascular Institute
The Dainippon Silk Foundation
The Dia Foundation for Research on Ageing Societies
The Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia
The Foundation for Global Health Care(Research Department)
The Future Education Research Institute
The Health Care Science Institute
The Institute for Adult Diseases Asahi Life Foundation
The Institute for China-Japan Culture Study
The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
The Institute for Research on Household Economics
The Institute for Science of Labour
The Institute of Applied Energy
The Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS)
The institute of Buraku Problem
The Institute of Moralogy Research Center
The Institute of Oriental Philosophy
The Institute of Politics and Economy
The Institute of Statistical Research
The Japan Kinoko Research Centre Foundation
The Japan Snake Institute
The Kyoto Costume Institute
The Lion Foundation for Dental Health (Research department)
The Makino Memorial Foundation of Kochi Prefecture
The Middle Eastern Culture Center in Japan
The Museum Yamato Bunkakan
The Nakamura Hajime Eastern Institute
The Nippon Agricultural Research Institute
The Noguchi Institute
The Nukada Institute for Medical & Biological Research
The Paleological Association of Japan, Inc.
The Research Foundation for Microbial Diseases of Osaka University
The Research Institute of Evolutionary Biology
The Research Institute of Tuberculosis Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Associaton
The Tazuke Kofukai
The Tokugawa Reimeikai Foundation
The Tokyo Institute for Municipal Research
The Toyo Bunko
The Wetlands Institute of Northeastern Asia
Tokyo Dementia Care Research and Training Center
Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science
Toyo Institute of Food Technology (TIFT)
Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute
Toyota Transportation Research Institute (TTRI)
United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies of Sustainability
Wakasa wan Energy Research Center (WERC)
Yamagata Promotional Organization for Industrial Technology(Public Interest Incorporat)ed Foundation)
Yamashina Institute for Ornithology
Yokohama Life Sciences Institute
YURINKAI Ohara Memorial Foundation