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167th Committee on Nano-Probe Technology

Aims and Goals

Science and technology have entered a nanoscale era as materials and devices have become increasingly tinier, and there are hopes for advances in new nanotechnologies that blend physics, chemistry, and living organisms in the 21st century.

This committee was established with the goal of promoting the systematic development of basic and applied technologies (nano-probe technologies) for scanning probe microscopes (SPMs), which will be essential for analyzing and developing nanoscale materials from here on.

We aim to promote additional progress in this field by producing publications and forums related to advanced nano-probe technology research and holding interdisciplinary discussions and interaction in which researchers from different fields cooperate closely with members of industry.

Research Themes

1. Research into and development of basic and applied SPM technologies
2. Research using SPMs into atomic and molecular processes on the surfaces of solids, electrodes, etc.
3. Creating road maps regarding predictions for and developments in SPM technologies in the near future
4. Applying SPM technologies to industrial issues

(1) Atomic and molecular level assessment of electronic, organic, polymer, and biological materials and devices

(2) Ultra high-density memory
(3) Nanoscale evaluation and processing
(4) Theoretical considerations
5. Handling SPM standardization through ISO

Committee Chairperson

Hiroshi Onishi
Kobe University


December 2012 to November 2017 (Fourth term, Five years)

Membership Composition   (As of Apr.2017)

Academia: 30
Industry: 15
Total membership: 45

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