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158th Committee on Vacuum Nanoelectronics

Aims and Goals

The committee aims to develop electronic technology that combines the advantages of semiconductors and vacuum devices, thereby paving the way for next-generation electronics that overcome the deficiencies and limits of semiconductor devices.

To achieve this aim, the committee will encourage close collaboration between researchers investigating vacuums, materials, and devices to enable the development of high performance nano sources of electrons and the development of various techniques for creating devices that use these electron sources, such as various sensors, ultra-high speed devices, high-performance flat displays, and high function light sources (which have so far been considered difficult to develop).

Research Themes

1. High luminance and high precision flat displays and high efficiency light sources
2. Small sources of electromagnetic waves from millimeter waves to X-rays
3. Various sensors for infrared rays, magnetism, vacuums, etc.
4. Applications of very fine electron sources in the nano order
5. High luminance and high stability electron sources

Committee Chairperson

Hidenori Mimura
Shizuoka University


April 2014 to March 2019 (Fifth term, Five years)

Membership Composition   (As of Apr.2017)

Academia: 22
Industry: 10
Total membership: 32

Committee Achievements and Special Activities

Holding of Vacuum Nanoelectronics Symposium (once a year)

Holding of IDW, FED Workshop (once a year)

Publication of Reports, Basics of Vacuum Nanoelectronics (in Japanese) (Vols. 1 through 3)