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154th Committee on Semiconductor Interfaces and Their Applications

Aims and Goals

Regarding the control of semiconductor interfaces including semiconductor hetero-interfaces and dielectric-semiconductor interfaces, the committee aims to promote interdisciplinary research and provide fundamental solutions to the most vital technical problems under a complementary and synergetic framework of industry-academia collaboration. This is because the understanding of the phenomena at the semiconductor interfaces is a key to further progress in scaling semiconductor devices. The control of the semiconductor interfaces extends to equipments to fabricate semiconductor devices. The committee also aims to build up the basis of industry-academia co-development to facilitate scientific and technological evolution.

Research Themes

1. Research and development of device technology, involving Si devices, compound semiconductor devices, displays, etc., based on precise control of semiconductor interfaces
2. Research and development of process technology related to control of semiconductor interfaces, physical properties of materials, and evaluation techniques
3. Research and development of equipments to fabricate semiconductor devices based on control technology of semiconductor interfaces
4. Activities to contribute to education and international exchanges through hosting international conferences, workshops, etc.

Committee Chairperson

Seiichi Miyazaki
Nagoya University


April 2015 to March 2020 (Sixth term, Five years)

Membership Composition   (As of Apr.2017)

Academia: 38
Industry: 25
Total membership: 63

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