Research Fields

Life Sciences

Summary of Research Fields List of Research Projects
1) Human Genome
2) Higher Brain Functions
3) Cellular Signaling
4) Organism Constructing Mechanisms (Reproduction and Development)
5) Structure and Functional Control Mechanism of Biomolecules (Structural Biology and Functional
6) Mechanisms of Plant Responses to Environment and Application to Biotechnology
7) Infectious Diseases and Bioregulation
8) Genetic and Environmental Factors in Diseases Prevalent in Adults and the Elderly
9) Molecular Bioengineering of Food Animal Protein Resources
10) Genome Microbiology
11) Regulation Networks of Eukaryotic Gene Expression
12) Mechanisms of the Advanced Function in Insects and Proposal of New Insectech
13) Angiogenesis and Vascular Development Control
14) Genome Research
15) Development / Differentiation / Regeneration
16) Plant Genetics
JSPS Research of the Future Program