Outline of the RFTF Program

Objectives of the Program

JSPS carries out the Research for the Future (RFTF) Program with a view to advancing science in ways that will furnish solutions for global issues in the 21st century, while promoting further socio-economic development and creating a richer living standard for the Japanese people. The program places emphasis on university-led scientific research of a highly creative nature.
1. With a view to the 21st century, to promote highly creative, farsighted research that will form the intellectual assets that provide the basis for solving global issues, developing societies and economies, and realizing an abundant living standard for the Japanese people.
2. To advance university-led research that responds to society's various needs and that is conducted mainly by university researchers in collaboration, when expedient, with the industrial and other sectors.
3. To actively promote the participation of young postdoctoral researchers in research projects, and to otherwise contribute to their development.
4. To advance research through formats that combine outstanding intellectual resources with international perspectives, and that promote international collaboration.
5. To respect the opinions of frontline researchers, while giving ample expression to the purport of the findings and recommendations of the Council of Science and Technology, when implementing research projects.
6. To further cultivate fruits obtained through research using Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research and other funding, while making an active effort to create linkage with various research activities being carried out at universities.
JSPS Research of the Future Program