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My Short But Very Fruitful Visit to Japan

Dr. Mikael O. Lindgren
Dr. Mikael O. Lindgren
Professor, Department of Physics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
JSPS Invitation Fellow (Short-term), October-December 2007

Having received a short-term JSPS invitational fellowship, I visited Prof. Satoshi Kawata's group in the Laboratory for Scientific Instrumentation and Engineering (LaSIE) at Osaka University. The visit took place from 26 October to 24 December, 2007. The purpose was primarily to apply the advanced imaging and Raman spectroscopy techniques developed at LaSIE in studies of protein amyloid fibrils and nanomaterials. These were research projects being carried out through international collaborations involving my lab at NTNU and other research groups primarily in Norway, Sweden and France. Working with Prof. Kawata's excellent research staff, especially Dr. Yuika Saito and Assoc. Prof. Katsumasa Fujita and their students, we were able to achieve promising preliminary results, which are currently being followed up in extended collaborative projects.

While in Japan, I also engaged in the JSPS Science Dialogue program and participated in a high school science camp at Takasaki on 10-11 November. Moreover, I took part in a nanotechnology workshop in Senri-Chuo, Osaka, arranged by NTNU, Norway's SINTEF and Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). Its aim was to stimulate increased science exchange between Japan and Norway. I also had an opportunity to visit Nagoya University and RIKEN, where I delivered research lectures and discussed scientific issues of common interest.

I must say that the timing of my visit was indeed very good. First of all, Osaka lived up to its reputation for high quality and very tasty Japanese traditional cuisine. During the October-November period, the weather is usually dry with temperatures around 15-25C in the daytime. With Kyoto and Kobe within a 30-minute train ride, the Osaka area also offers many cultural sites amidst very beautiful scenery. The famous momiji maple and ginkgo trees turn spectacular hues of reds and yellows in this season.

Moreover, the excellent research facilities of Osaka University's Suita Campus, not to mention the very dedicated and skilful staff at LaSIE, also helped to make my visit a real pleasure. I am indeed looking forward to more scientific exchange visits to Japan in the future.

At Takasaki Science Camp
At Takasaki Science Camp
Suita Campus of Osaka University
Suita Campus of Osaka University

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