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Activities of JSPS Alumni Association in INDIA

Indian JSPS Alumni Association (IJAA) : www.indianjspsalumni.org

The main activities of FY2007

JSPS president Prof. Motoyuki Ono visiting Delhi University during his trip to India (22.08.07). JSPS president and his delegation were welcomed by JSPS alumni members

Now our association is having more than 130 members living in India, Japan, UK, USA, Singapore, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Australia &Taiwan. With our website, yahoogroup, news letters and very active members, we are proving that we are well knitted together. We, members of Indian JSPS Alumni Association, whole heartedly welcome new members to our association.

 "Yes, we are proud that we are JSPS fellows"

We are inviting all Indian JSPS fellows (including current fellows and STA fellows), Ronpaku fellows, Japanese host scientists to join in our alumni association.

 Indian JSPS Alumni Association

Indian JSPS alumni association (IJAA) has been formed with the idea of making a platform for Indian scientists who have been JSPS / STA members to exchange ideas, collaborate and discuss various subjects including areas of work, social, and general. It has been initiated as a linking pin for members who are working at different parts of the globe since we realize that scientific advance and research is a combined effort of brains together. The objectives of the Indian JSPS Alumni Association is to promote scientific exchange, research and cultural collaboration between India and Japan, and to encourage collaborative work between the JSPS fellows, host professors and honorary members, and provide necessary information for Indian JSPS fellows for having a hassle free life in Japan.

We have launched our web site ( www.indianjspsalumni.org ) for bringing all our Indian JSPS alumni members under one umbrella. We have also launched an alumni yahoo group ( http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/indianjspsalumni/ ) for group discussion regarding various issues of the club and other related matters. We also conduct poll to reach a final decision through our yahoo group in some cases. The establishment of the yahoo group was initiated because of the vast geographical distribution of Indian JSPS alumni members through out the world, which of course poses as a limiting factor to conduct a meeting among all members. Executive members of our alumni association are taking care of our day to day activities. They are answering to the questions to the aspirants form India and also helping other JSPS members to conduct a smooth life with their experience in Japan.

We have started an in-house magazine named CONCORD where members and their family members can share their creative skills as well as their experiences of life in Japan / research experience. We are issuing our CONCORD as an e-newsletter. Our editorial board is taking care of selection of the articles and publication of the CONCORD.