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Dr. Chi Wai Wong




Pre-fellowship host institute

The University of Manchester

Host institute

The University of Tokyo

Host researcher

Prof. Kenichi Rinoie

Fellowship period

2007/09/14 ~ 2009/09/13

Research field

Engineering Sciences


Research title

Flow Control of Separation Bubble on an Airfoil by Use of Smart Structure Sensor Actuator


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

The reasons I chose Japan for my post-doctoral research are both personal and professional: Firstly, the geographical location of Japan enhances my travel to other Asian countries. Secondly, I can continue my research with the facilities provided from my current project supervisor, Professor Kenichi Rinoie. Furthermore, I can experience the unique Japanese culture which I considered as big challenges, but enjoyable.

Research achievements

As for now, I had a paper submitted to the international conference. Also, the prototype of my system has yielded some valuable data. I believe that I have given some contribution to the understanding of flow phenomena occurring on laminar airfoils.

Advice to new fellows

Learning Japanese is definitely a benefit because it really helps your life here in Japan. It would be nice to explore other villages and experience the Japanese culture. Finally, if you like teaching and sharing your research experience, you should sign up for the Science Dialogue.