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Dr. Trochkine Dmitri




Pre-fellowship host institute

Russian Academy of Science, Atmospheric Environment Laboratory, Institute for Water and Environmental Problem

Host institute

Nagoya University Graduate School of Environmental Studies

Host researcher

Dr. IWASAKA Yasunobu

Fellowship period

2003/10/14 - 2005/10/13

Research field

Interdisciplinary and Frontier Sciences


Research title

Function of KOSA Particle in Global Environment of East Asia: Single Particle Analysis


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

Study of atmospheric aerosols is an important task for science due to the role of aerosols for climate effects and global circulation of matter. Lately study of individual particles becoming more and more important in this field. Therefore, using of newest type of machines, such as new models of electron microscopes and high-resolution spectrometers is an effective method for achieving new results, which is especially important by reason of climate change accelerating recorded at past decades. Japan is the country with highest level of modern techniques for studying aerosols. Besides, Japan has a long history of studying atmosphere and recognized as a one of most contributing country to the understanding of atmospheric processes. Those factors were a reason for me to conduct my research in Japan.

Research achievements

During my first year of studying in Japan I already get some scientifically interesting results and surely will get more until the end of tenure.

Advice to new fellows

I can advise to new fellows to get a lot of friends in Japan, especially in your field of study. Good contacts with Japanese colleagues will certainly help you not only during your study in Japan, but also after you will return to your country.